Where is the Party ???

Everyone likes to party, it is said to relieve your stress.

But, is it same for everyone?

How would you describe a party? Just having some drinks is the party? Most of the time this is the case. Having non-veg on the table along with drinks, even better if accompanied with good music and ambience. This is the definition of the party for most people.

But what if you are not enjoying the situation, or if someone is non-drinker that means he can’t party Or Food is the party for him.

Exploring is Partying.

For me doing the same thing, again and again, cannot be enjoyable. Just drinking enough and having lots of food cannot be a party for me. I even get comments that I have changed, I don’t party anymore or I have become boring or I am turning spiritual.Lols!!! Some says on my face some behind my back. Well, I don’t care and that’s not my point actually.

For me partying is exploring, it can be anything. I enjoyed what we called traditional partying but now I don’t enjoy it I find it boring and I had enough of it in four years of my college life and even after that.

Working at Various companies was partying for me, and here at Mahagenco it was thrilling, I loved it but again when you have lots of it, you need change. I am again on for exploring something new. Writing is one of those things for me now.

Family time is Partying.

Yes, I enjoy it the most. I have spent a beautiful time in school, in the hostel, and even at my workplace with my friends but what I explored new was family time, Cooking with my wife and kids, fighting and playing with them, telling stories to kids or listening there stories it’s a marvellous thing and this is partying for me.

Travelling with my family, Spending a week at a mesmerising location with them doing nothing would be the best party for me for now and I am dying for it and waiting for this pandemic to end.

Dreaming is Partying.

I love to dream a lot, I make plans in my mind, I think of lot many things at the same time, I search for lots of the things to do and being in that thought is also partying for me. One thing I am sure I can’t live a monotonous life.

Spending time with friends is always a power booster but definition of partying can be different for all.

What do you say? And what’s your way of partying? I am always open if you could give me some new ideas about partying?

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