Love Story Part 3


Raman and Maria meet during Table Tennis Practice and they both are State players After Maria lost to Raman she calls Raman for Practice regularly at Gymnasium. They start playing daily after lectures.

After Ronnie gets to know about the rumours of Raman and Maria’s friendship, he beats and threatens Raman. He tells him to stay away from Maria.

Drama begins…

Maria was in the class when she gets the news that Ronnie beats Raman.

Maria: What the hell is going on? She shouts and leaves the class in between. Everyone including the professor gives that strange look as she left the class in anger without caring about anyone…

Maria calls Raman.

Maria: Where are You?

Raman: Near Canteen, hey listen he continues but before he could say anything Maria cuts the call, and in a minute she reaches there.

Maria: When did this happened?

Raman: Just now, here only 10 minutes ago. But listen we can talk, and I am ok. Nothing happened to me.

Maria: Shut up, she holds Raman’s hand and took him to the Mechanical Engineering Department Building, then she enters into Ronnie’s classroom hold his collar and drags him out of the class towards Canteen again.

Raman was trying to stop her and she was dragging Ronnie, a muscular 6 feet tall man like he was a kid. After they reach Canteen She asked Ronnie ” Kyu Mara” Why did you hit him?

Ronnie: So what should I do? He is trying on my girl?

Maria: Who says I am your girl? When did you propose to me? Did I ever say I love you?

Ronnie: It’s understood!

Maria: No it’s not, I never said that and I always treated you as my friend.


Next time you touch him, I will smash your head right here…

Ronnie: You will pay for this, you both.

Maria: Get lost!

Ronnie leaves…

Raman: Why did you do that? He was your friend.

Maria: I don’t need such friends. But why you did not answer him right there.

Raman: He is my senior, and also he is your friend. And I’ve never done that fighting thing.

Maria: Laughs! Oh my good boy, She pulls Raman’s cheeks.

But you can’t always tolerate such people, you have to answer sometime…

Raman: But I am also your junior, and we just practice together, I told you these rumours are not good. We should stop playing together.

Maria: Stop that Senior -Junior shit. And no need to stop the practice, don’t worry these things happen. Learn to deal with them…

After that day, the bond between them grew. They could be seen sitting at various spots after the practice, they even started skipping the practice sessions.

Ronnie was observing this, and he could not forget the insult, he wanted revenge.

One day when Maria and Raman Practiced, after that they talked for some time near the Market building and then Maria left for his Hostel but Suddenly Ronnie and 5 of his friends came and Started beating Raman.

Maria was not far, she heard the voice and ran back to save him. Two of Ronnie’s friends caught her and rest was beating Raman. Raman was bleeding. Maria was Crying and shouting, struggling to fight. But couldn’t…

Ronnie came to Maria.

Raman: You insulted me in front of the whole college, He slapped her.

Again he was about to Slap but Raman stood from behind like a movie hero, hold Ronnie’s hand. And punched him on the nose.

Just 1 Punch, Ronnie was lying unconscious on the ground, his one more friend came to fight, but again he also was lying besides Ronnie next moment. All Others Ran away…

Maria for the first time looked at Raman with eyes wide open and speechless, She never expected Raman can fight like that…

Maria: After few minutes just said, Wow.

Raman: I fought for the first time in life, and I am ready to do this all my life for you, I love you, Maria.

Maria:” Senior se aise Baat Karte hai”??? She said Chuckling.

Raman looked down.

Maria smiles and says Sardarji, I love you too…❤️



Love Story @ NITJ Part 2


As we saw in the first part, Raman and Maria met for the first time for a TT game. It was a heated game and Maria left arrogantly after the game and called Raman in the Canteen at 5 pm, after the lectures.

Second Meeting: Canteen

As Raman reached there in the canteen it was 05:15 pm and Maria was already there waiting for him, Why late?? She asked as she gave her iconic arrogant look…

Raman: Sorry Mam, Professor delayed the class.

Maria: Hmm, She Smiled. Sala tu bahutai bhadiya khela she said in typical Bhojpuri accent(You played very nice). Where have you learned TT?

Raman: I represented Punjab in Junior TT championship 2 times, won it once.

Maria: Hmm!

Raman: I am sorry, People told me you lost for the first time.

Maria: Don’t worry, you were the first who deserves to play with me and I will be more than happy to lose again, it’s the first time I enjoyed the game after coming to this college. That’s why I called you here, practice with me daily after the lectures. 6 pm sharp at Gymnasium.

As the conversation went on, Raman noticed many of the students are staring at them.

Ignore them, Maria said. Have some Maggie, She Ordered two Maggies.

Raman: Thanks Mam, I am ok, I don’t want anything.

Maria: Tujh se pucha kisi ne, kha chup chap. (Who asked you, Eat silently)

Raman: I thought you called me to Rag, like other seniors.

Maria: Don’t worry, I am not interested in that, just relax and finish your Maggie.

Raman : Mam can I ask something.


Raman: You also played nice, have you played professionally before.

Maria: State Champion 3 times in a row.

Raman: Wow! That’s Great!

Hey Maria! Someone shouts from outside. He was Ronnie.

Ronnie was Maria’s friend from Mechanical Engineering 2nd Year, He considered himself as her boyfriend. He was a muscular guy, with 2-3 guys Always around him.

Ronnie came, Who’s this guy he asked.

Raman, Maria introduced.

Ronnie: 1st Year??

Raman: Yes Sir!

Ronnie: Shut your mouth! Open it when I asked you to do so, till then keep it shut. Understood??

Raman nodded.

Maria: Stop Ragging him. Raman, you leave now Raman she said.

Raman left, She joined Ronnie and some other friends.

Ronnie Asked, Who was he? Why did you call him?

Maria: It’s none of your business, tu apna kaam kar…

Friends laughing!!

Practice! Practice! Practice!

That day Raman and Maria again met at Gymnasium, they played almost for 2 hours continuously! No talks, Both of them enjoyed the practice session.

And the Audience was overjoyed to watch two State Players playing. And many other Challenged them for play, but every time Maria ignored them like nobody is there.

They both kept practising very hard, daily.

After a month or so, the entire college was talking about them, lots of stories started growing. When Raman gets to know this, he talked to Maria.

She ignored it as usual and told Raman to do the same.

Maria Said, No matter what you do people will always talk, So just ignore them and live your life. Over a period of time, they both have become good friends and they can be seen walking together after the Practice outside Gymnasium and nearby places.

Rumours were spreading, they both didn’t care, even if any of Raman’s friend teases him, he would rather take it very sportingly.

Ronnie gets the news, he was also in Mechanical Engineering, Ronnie along with his three friends once stopped Raman near the canteen.

Ronnie: Pushed Raman! Saale, how dare you come near my Girlfriend.

Raman: Shocked and furiously said Sir we just Practice there is nothing between us.

Ronnie: Slapped Raman, You think I am a fool If I see you again near Maria I will kill you Moron!

Raman stood awestruck!!!

To be continued…