Struggle after NITJ and 10 Years @Mahagenco.

MAHAGENCO: Maharashtra State Power Generation Co. Ltd. Second largest Company in Power Generation in India after NTPC.

I joined Mahagenco in 2010,23 June. We were the unlucky batch of 2009.

In 2008 Lehman brothers bankrupted, in 2009 Satyam scandal came out. The recession was at its peak and we passed out in the same year. Though placements were not that bad in NIT JALANDHAR, I was one of few who was jobless after passing out.

Tensions started building up right after that, I tried for many off-campus jobs, Sometimes rejected in written exams sometimes in interviews. It was frustrating. I decided to start working wherever possible, I was bored with this exam thing.

I joined Caprihans India Limited in Nasik as an Apprentice, That was the first time I was on my own, not even friends. My roommate BhagwanDas, though he was elder than me, taught me to cook. The salary was negligible, but I was learning, I was enjoying the work. This experience helped me throughout my life. I kept preparing for exams. I worked in Caprihans for 3 Months, then left the job for preparation of BARC exam. Got Selected in written exam, then later rejected in the interview.

Again got an offer in Delhi, Lab India Instruments as a Services Engineer. Most of the time was consumed in travelling and I barely got any time for study, but still, I continued both job and study. Mahagenco exam dates were declared almost after a year of filling the form. Exam Center was Mumbai. And I just got 2 days to reach. I took a second class ticket and just decided to board in whichever train first came on platform. It was the most tedious journey of my life. It took almost 30hrs in a general compartment. I somehow managed to sit on the door with one more guy with me, and we crossed our hands to avoid falling off the train, as both of us were asleep during the night. Finally, I reached on time, also my hall ticket was in Nasik as I filled the form from Nasik. My relative gave it to me at Nasik Railway Station.

Again the same journey while returning, as my boss just gave me 1 day time but I was relaxed. This time Mahagenco declared results in just 10 days, and I was called for interview on coming Sunday again in Mumbai. Same journey again. This time I couldn’t dare to tell my boss, I just left for Mumbai. After a month I was Selected for this job. My boss scolded me like anything, later he asked me if I am having a girlfriend in Mumbai or What?? Why I always run for Mumbai…later, after a month, I got a call letter from Mahagenco.

First few years in Mahagenco were the most satisfying in terms of job satisfaction. I enjoyed working here. Most importantly when few people are extraordinarily brilliant you can learn a lot from them and secondly when some people are extraordinarily dumb you can take a risk like the way you want. In Mahagenco you get both kinds of people… And it’s up to you what you want to be.

Today after 10 Years I am completely satisfied with my work and job, also I will remember the struggle which came my way. It not only made me strong but also taught me to respect and value what you achieve. We were not the unlucky batch, but the most fortunate.

4 thoughts on “Struggle after NITJ and 10 Years @Mahagenco.

  1. Bhojaraj B Bhandarkar says:

    Very true this is life. One who passes through such struggles can understand what is hardship. Now I am 71 + . In past i am son of a farmer of having only 2.5 acre rice field with two brothers more. In such crucial situation I did my engineering mostly on scholarship I.e. open merit scholarship. But I am quite well having my both sons in much better position. Work hard with understanding and honesty. All the best.

  2. Naveen Gupta says:

    V were not unlucky batch.. but destined to set up an example.. dat ders always a way..

    Aur b bahut sare experience h..

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