School Days ..

School days are the most memorable moments in everyone’s life. So was mine. Friends, Cricket, Volleyball, first crush and what not.

Aditya was my best buddy and we were always together. In the classroom, on the ground, after school and on the telephone. We used to walk from our bus stop to any random bus stops just for no reason.. it was the time when we both had our first crush. My first crush is my wife now. Before meeting Aditya or say before partitions of our school into 2 separate schools cbse and mp board I had a different group of friends. Ranjit, Pankaj, Amit and it was a huge group. Most of my time spent is with friends. Even in my early childhood, I had a best friend cum neighbour, Prasad. Also, I was very active with RSS shakha and that was no less than another school for me. They train you in every aspect of life. Stories of Vir Savarkar, playing kabaddi, kho kho, angreji k aath and lot more.. they prepare you for debates, discussion. In short, they train you for life.

Later on, it was not just me and Aditya we were a group – Anupam, Rajesh, Piyush,arpit, Gaurav, Puneet, Syed and many guys were there. Cricket in the hospital campus was our best timepass. In front of Anupam’s house or in the ground, then started the group studies during exams, I remember one incidence when we were all studying and Mr Piyush Soni was busy in finishing the snacks and he ate everything.. he bloody hell finished it all.. and we were like Kahan Gaya sab.. and Aditya’s mother came to ask beta aur lau. Piyush was the first guy to ask for more.. that day we came to know he was literally a hyena. He can eat anything and in any quantity.

Later during IIT preparations I and Aditya used to study together, we spent many night outs. After getting bored with studies we use to listen to Kishore Kumar. Yes, we both were a big fan of Kishore Da.

Time passes by but some memories always remain fresh like it happened yesterday.

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  1. Anupam Chourasia says:

    Wah! And those days when we use to play cricket for whole day on the name of writing physical education notes 😂🤗

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