Royal Enfield and JAWA

I never got confused so much in my life. But these two motorbikes i.e Royal Enfield and JAWA, both are good in their own way but then something happened which led me to take the decision finally.


I did my research online and compared two bikes Royal Enfield and JAWA, I have never ridden any of those. So, after the comparison I decided to go for Jawa trial instead of Royal Enfield first.


After I took the trial ride of Jawa Classic I was very much impressed by it’s refined engine, smoothness and looks. My decision was made and I was going to buy Jawa Classic.

Royal Enfield Bullet classic 350

As I was about to buy Jawa and was about 99 percent sure that I am going for this, but still I thought of not taking that 1 percent chance and decide to ride Bullet once, luckily my neighbour had bullet classic and I asked him for his bike and went for a trial ride .

It was an entirely different feeling, I was not a bike enthusiast up till now, but that one ride changed all my thoughts for biking. You just fell in love with this bike.


You know Jawa is better than Royal Enfield Classic 350 in every aspect but still, you fell in love with Royal Enfield.

Jawa has refined Engine Royal Enfield roars, Jawa gives you a smoother ride Royal Enfield has vibrations, Jawa has a clean and sophisticated design but Royal Enfield we all know.

I don’t call it confusion it’s a fight between your mind and heart, your mind knows everything based on its calculation but your heart has no brains, it just loves.

Like I always do and so far never regretted my decision. I decided to go with my heart…

So the bullet is booked! Waiting for it to come in my hands very soon…

Thanks to my wife for this lovely gift…❤

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