Relations are the ships and You are the Captain. You cannot let it sink, Shore is well within.

Icebergs and storms will be often, till you find the way to heart.. understandings are important, but panacea is acceptance.

Nowadays I’ve seen many people dealing with relationship problems, and with the relationship, I mean any relation, not just lovers or married couples. They can be father-son, mother-daughter, father-daughter, mother in law, etc etc.. pick any relation u think..and if you are staying together problems grow with time.

Understanding is the thing everyone wants, but nobody wants to understand. If a person X thinks he/she is more understanding then his counterpart Y, it’s their responsibility to understand. If he /she thinks they are more caring, it’s their responsibility to care. If they think they are more mature, it’s their responsibility to act like one. But what we do is, we expect the same thing in return.. how’s that even possible, it’s not Y’s cup of tea. They are not understanding, caring or matured.

They have their own qualities, you can be understanding but not caring, they can be caring but not matured.. or any other quality. It’s just, we have to accept whatever Y is, we have to accept as it is and keep improving ourselves. And keep in mind, Y is also doing the same in their own way.

Narcissism: It’s a dangerous thing. If you have such a person in your life, it’s gonna be a difficult time. But again solution comes to acceptance.. you have to accept the person as they are.. they are not going to change.. and I am not saying that every relationship will have love and trust or understanding… .but every problem in your life will have a solution.. sometimes it’s can be just walking away or ignorance. don’t just keep suffering. You deserve peace. You have a life, you have a right to be happy.

Narcissist person is someone who is different with you, then they are in front of the world.. they gain all the sympathy from the world, and can fill you with negativity. They are highly self-centred and have no empathy.. it doesn’t matter to them even if you die.. and they will show in front of everyone that it’s always your mistake… You might have to face a lot of trouble dealing with them… A narcissist personality disorder is a mental problem but doesn’t have a treatment…There is also a famous book named “Daughter of a narcissist mother”… in case anyone wants to know about the disorder.

People judge they act without knowing. Don’t think about them, “log kya kahenge is still the biggest problem we have…”

Just remember there are people who love you, who care for you, who lives for you.. and most importantly you have a life which is to be well-lived, being happy should be your choice and not proving it in front of anyone… Coz in the end, it’s you in your life which matters the most…

Don’t let your ship sink, You are the Captain...

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