The mind is just the accumulation of the past. If you transcend the limitations of the mind, the past has no power over you…… Sadhguru

Past becomes suffering, only if you allow. All the leaders and visionaries told about using the power of the mind, there are plenty of books and information available about having control over your mind.

There are many people suffering because of there past. Because they cannot forget. One thing is very clear, you are never going to forget the things which affected you so much mentally and emotionally. Accept it!!!

But it is possible to live with it in ease. It’s possible to not let it affect your present…

And adjustments with those thoughts of the past is a process, you cannot expect it to happen in a moment… Some things take time, and you learn to let it go with ease. Meditation and breathing techniques catalyse the process but one thing you must gather is the courage to face it, you can run away from anything but not your mind. If you want your thoughts to stop haunting you, Face it!!!

And after all these past experiences, every time you come out being calmer, relaxed and peaceful human being.

Life is at ease, only mind is at some tension…………. Sadhguru

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