The mind is just the accumulation of the past. If you transcend the limitations of the mind, the past has
The mind is the most mysterious thing in the world, people want their children to have a good IQ, but
Nazar nazariye ka fark hai, sab k liye ek tark hai... Kabhi paas ho kar bhi Jannat nahi dikhati, kisi
In our childhood, we all try to do the things which give us an appreciation. If someone else is getting
Ek dua bas tera saath ho, mere hathon me bas tera haath ho... Rahon me pathaar ho na ho, thamne
It was 1 a.m. I don't know, why always crazy ideas strike at this time. And it was the same
India is famous for big fat weddings. Even middle-class family spend a considerable amount on marriage. I was recently having
Lyrics by Gary sir, no one can ever forget the song... Thanks for such a beautiful song Gary Sir... Most
This is a thanks giving post . During the birth of my daughter, everything was going well but suddenly happiness
A year passes, which will never be forgotten, it showed us our place, it showed us what to value and