Love Story @ NITJ

Chapter 1- Intro

He was from Punjab, She was from Smalltown of Bihar, He used to speak Punjabi, She used Bhojpuri …

Still, they were destined to meet. Here at NITJ where thousands of love stories grew up, This was one of them…

Raman was in 1st-year Mechanical Engineering, a decent Punjabi Sardar, he was an innocent and simple guy who came from Ludhiana, He was away from home for the first time in his life.

Ramandeep Singh chose Mechanical Engineering due to his interest in Automobiles and along with this, he was a good TT player and sketch artist, but he only makes the sketch of bikes and cars.

So one day, when Raman was playing Table Tennis at Gymnasium and was winning every single match. People stared Cheering. He proved his game on his very first day.

Suddenly, from the second table, a girl came to Raman’s table, She took Racket from another guy and pushed him aside arrogantly who was earlier playing against Raman. Guy fell on the ground, but she ignored. She told Raman to Start the game.

Raman gave her a strange look, then started the game, he took the first service and smash!! 0-1,

The second service, smash!! 0-2, Now Raman focused and game continued…

She won the game by 21-18. Signalling Raman to Start again, Raman lost for the first time. But he won Second game…21-17

Now, people gathered around their table to watch the final game. People were enjoying the shots, and it was a really great match going in there…





Finally, After 3 more Deuce Raman won the match, Girl looked arrogantly towards Raman… And Said meet me at Canteen after the lectures at 5 p.m sharp.

She Left.

Wow! Raman’s friend gathered around him and said what a game that was man, you play really well.

Raman: She was also great! Played such a game after a long time, who was she?

Senior, Maria, second-year Computer Science. State player in Table Tennis from Bihar, She lost for the first time in college…

To be Continued…



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