Lockdown marriage..

India is famous for big fat weddings. Even middle-class family spend a considerable amount on marriage. I was recently having a discussion about lockdown marriage in the office with 2 of my friends krunal and Nitin and all were happy with the fact that marriages due to lockdown are now very low budget with only 20-25 guest.

I don’t have a problem with super-rich spending a lot on marriage they can easily spend without any burden but in our country middle class, lower middle class and lower class also going for grand marriages and receptions. The reason behind this is a social image, people show off, they make it grand without thinking of newlywed couple who is going to start their life with lots of loan on their head. Condition is even worse in villages, people sell off their land for daughter’s or sister’s marriage and if they don’t do it they are ill-treated.. and also bride side had to bear all the cost. And dowry is the unspoken truth in India.

Time has come now that we should see marriage, not as grand function but a beginning of new life for the couple and along with blessings from elders of the family they also need support for their good start. They just need to be understood that family support for them is more important than family function. A small happy marriage is far better than the grand one where the majority is criticising the food and arrangements, another majority is criticising the bride side. We need to continue this trend of lockdown marriage even after the lockdown ends.

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  1. Souvik says:

    Bhai couldnt agree more…the stupidity of big weddings is undeniable…..and the ‘log kya kahenge’ aspect is so ingrained in our society….my wedding had 500+ guests, and I didnt even know more than half….it was a mess and I hated every aspect of it…we would have preferred a ‘lockdown wedding’ and have more fun than the so called ‘log kya kahenge’ style wedding! Great job pointing this issue…

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