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Lockdown has paused everything, fear of corona is spreading negativity, people are getting depressed. During these hard times if anything keeps us going is good old memories. That’s why I write a lot about my college days. These memories surely make me smile every time.

So during our first-year exam, I remember Chagan(Naveen) got so much depressed, that he wanted to quit that EGD viva because he hardly knew anything, everyone used to study at last moment but he was feeling sleepy in the night so he made a super plan to sleep for some time and start studying at 4 am.

Yes, u guessed it correctly, he woke up at 8.00 am, a half-hour before the viva… And suddenly started shouting, “yar main to fail ho Gaya” everyone tried to convince that at least give it a try, u might get Lucky. But he was so sure he’s going to fail, so he decided to quit the vivas.

All of us then kicked him out of the hostel no 1, and someone dropped him up to the classroom where viva was going on, and we all went for our respective exams.

After an hour Chagan returned, he was literally shouting again but this time he was happy, his viva went well and we all were pulling his leg… Fattu Sala.

That day we all learned a lesson…

Don’t quit, before trying.

College is not just about studies, it’s about getting prepared for life…

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