Wedding, Road Trip & Covid

It’s been more since we all are locked at home, and it’s necessary there is no point in risking life of your loved once. So it’s the same case with us, we were at home and wishing that all this should come to an end as soon as possible.

But my Sister’s (in-law) marriage got fixed, though all of us were super excited but managing this in this pandemic was a big question. All necessary precautions were being taken from the last one year, still we trusted some alternate precautionary medicines and planned a road trip for the function.

Own car is always safer than train or any other means of transportation. So our FIAT was ready for long Nagpur to Gwalior Road Trip.

It was an awesome experience. And for me, Road Trip has always been my favourite. I can drive for hours just want my better half with me, though kids barely let us talk. however, we steal some time when they are sleeping, playing or eating.

Preparation for the trip

Car bed : Best option when travelling with kids, they can sleep, play , jump and they enjoy it most.

Lots of food, colour books and colours, some toys, etc etc etc

Tools, puncture kit, puncture sealant, air pump, charger etc

That’s all I remember!!

And yes lots and lots of luggage as we were going to a wedding.

We started

And as planned we did it in one go! We started at 8:30 am and we were at Gwalior at 09:00 pm. Though it’s not recommended, it’s not very comfortable, and it’s hell tiring but Covid-19 made us do that also I did not want to unload that luggage again, which took me half an hour to load.

I don’t know driving could be boring for some people for me, it’s pure fun, it was 725 km drive, we managed to get a decent mileage of 18.6kmpl with a 1368cc car, driving was at 70-80km/hr speed.

We took 1 lunch break of half an hour, and 7-8 5mins breaks just to relax my shoulders, they just froze when we reached Gwalior. But I think around 350-400km drive is both enjoyable and not very tiring, and that’s what we did on our return journey.

The Wedding

Best, this is the only word which can describe the marriage function. Lots of enjoyment, dance , fun And great food. All was done in view of covid-19 norms with minimal guest , etc

Lots of quality time spent with great people. Lots of golden memories has been created which will last for life time.

And everyone was just packed at their places and got to enjoy after a very long time, so this vacation was very special.


Even after taking all the precaution and preventive care when I returned back I was tested positive for corona virus. Though, I am asymptomatic and just got tested as per the protocol but still this disease in highly infectious and also unpredictable and it’s quite possible that alternate medicines helped me to remain asymptomatic and my family negative.

So, here I am waiting for my quarantine period to end and passing my time writing blogs.

kedarnath temple


Famous religious site in India
Are you looking for a famous Hindus religious site to explore yourself? Why are you thinking more about it? You may have heard about a holy place named Kedarnath temple. I would suggest you can visit there for 10 days with your loved ones and family members. You will make memories to be cherished beyond all aspects.
Uttrakhand is the north Indian state in Himalaya. Kedarnath is located at an elevation of 3583m (11,755 ft) above mean sea level. It is situated in the Rudraprayag district and the distance between two places is 50.8km. In other words, the Mandakini River flows nearby the Kedarnath temple and it originates from chorabari Glacier.
It is one of the holiest sites of Hindu pilgrims. Pandava’s established this noted temple and it is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas. There is a difference of opinion behind the building of the temple. As per the record of Garhwal Vikas Nigam, Adi Sankaracharya built this temple in the eighth century. This temple is based in the state of Uttarakhand. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva and this temple is also known as Panch Kedar.
Tourists visit every year for taking a test of this well-known place and it is also known as the perfect spiritual destination of Hindus.
May- June is the best time to visit. The temple authority closed this place for six months because of heavy rainfall, landslide, and hindrance. Weather may differ from time to time. On the other hand, its eye-soothing beauty of nature attracts anyone very much.
The distance between Gouri Kunda and Kedarnath is 16 km. when you cover the first 6 km, you will see Janki Chatti. Even, palanquin and pony services have become popular. Local people earn money based on it. On the other hand, helicopter services are available from Gourikunda to Kedarnath and Kedarnath to Gourikunda.

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The Golden Temple – NITJ

It was 1 a.m. I don’t know, why always crazy ideas strike at this time. And it was the same discussion again.

Nag : Yar dimaag kharaab ho gaya ye game khel k ( DOTA),mujhe nahi khelna, chal kahin chalte hai!!

Me: kahan?? Bidipur ??

Nag: Kal Sunday hai!!

Me: Fir shimla to nahi ja sakte, Na paise hai , aur parso class hai!!Dhua uda aur so ja!!

Nag: Amritsar

Me: Chal! Sabko puch..

Piyush : Soja b@#₹#&@@

Sugu: Soja b@#₹#&@@

Abhishek: Soja b@#₹#&@@

Chagan: Soja b@#₹#&@@

Nag : Ab nahi puchunga main kisi ko ..

Me: Chal apan hi chalte hai..

And the journey started again @ 1.30 am. We tried to wake up some autowalas at ara but failed. We Walked, and somehow got lift. And then reached the bus stand.

@3.30 We reached Amritsar. Believe it or not, it’s the best time to reach Golden temple.

If you want to see the beauty of the golden temple you must be there @4am, before the first ray of light. Temple just shines through the darkness, and its reflection is even more beautiful…You can spend hours watching it. We used to do the same

All trees inside the temple premises are full of sleeping birds. And all of the birds wake up with the first ray of light, all together. Its the same time when Gurbani starts.

We took a refreshing bath @4am, in a chilling morning. Then took a visit inside the temple.

If ever anyone wants to visit the Golden Temple, it’s the best way to experience this Holy place.

And at that moment, Its the most beautiful, mesmerising, magical and most peaceful place in the universe for me...


Road Trip……. Pachmarhi

Another travel experience I would like to share is the road trip with my family. I. Love driving, especially when I am with my family.

I love talking to my wife during the drive. However, it is difficult to chat with my monsters around, but still, they give us some time to converse.

It’s not that I want to drive some thousands of kilometres and covered the distance in minimal time. I just want to drive with my partner next to me. Pachmarhi was one such drive…

We left home(Koradi-Nagpur) around 4 p.m in our Fiat Punto. There are two mountain passes on the way. The first one we cleared in dark and reached Chhindwara around 8 p.m. We checked into Hotel Dev International, though we have planned for a budget hotel, all of us were hungry and we didn’t want to search for hotels anymore.

The decision turned out to be good instead. Kids just loved the hotel and the food was also great. We enjoyed at the hotel and checked out @ 10am.

Now the scenic journey began. After Tamia pass starts, you could sense the freshness in the air, and atmospheric became pleasant. It was mid of October. Kavy took his camera clicking random pics, Medha busy in watching trees and clouds. One thing I would suggest is, whenever you are travelling with kids, carry plenty of snacks to keep them busy. And make them double if you are travelling with me…

We reached Pachmarhi at 12 p.m. And there is a viewpoint before the entry in Pachmarhi Gate. We sat there for an hour, it was so beautiful view with clouds around the mountain and deep forest below it… There are many spots in Pachmarhi – Shri Panch Pandav Caves, Satpura Tiger Reserve, Bison Lodge Museum, Reechgarh, Jatashankar, Various Falls -Bee fall, Apsara Vihar, Silver fall, Handi khoh, Pandav Garden and various other gardens in the city. You can just take a walk in the city… Also Gipsy is available both in shared or you can hire privately and they are very reasonable.

2-3 days would be enough for this place, this was our second visit to Pachmarhi. 1st Trip was before Medha’s birth. It’s 250km Drive from NAGPUR. 6hrs are sufficient to reach the place with 1or 2 stops at an average speed of 70-80km/hr.

We returned after a 1-night stay, as we have already seen the place in our first visit and we were more interested in drive… While return we took a halt for snacks at MP tourism guest house Tamia pass. It started raining heavily… We drove back to Nagpur….

Driving in Rain might have lessened our speed but doubled the fun.

Yar bhi honge, dildar bhi honge….#covid-19

Darwaze to khul gaye, par paav uthne ko tayar nahi…

Dukane to khul gayi, par dil ghumne ko azad nahi…

Kuch ajeeb se ghutan hai ab khuli hawa me bhi, ghar ki hawa me hi ab azadi ki mehek hai.

Jis ghar me paav tikte nahi the , wo ghar ab swarg sa lagne laga…

Apne liye to main kabhi dara nahi, par bacho k liye ab darne laga…

Zindagi k har sapne to ghar me hi pal rahe hai , fir kyu paav bahar jaane ko machal rahe hai…

Khulenge ye dil bhi un darwazo k sang, ghutan bhi na hogi us khule asman me..

Kuch samay bita le is ghar me bhi , anjaan rosto par nikalne me kuch aur samay hai abhii..

Jashn bhi honge , Arman bhi honge , yar bhi honge aur dildar bhi honge…

New Beginning @ Mahagenco-NITJ college life lived again…

After passing out from NITJ and working at various places, I joined Mahagenco in 2010. After almost a year of work, we were called for training… “Ya, we worked before our training “. The system has changed now, they provide induction level training first, then on job training, and then posting…

Mahagenco training was another college life I lived after NITJ, with new friends of K-60 batch. It’s a 52 weeks training (1 year), where 6months is classroom training with industrial tours.

Tours were the best part, after our technical visits we had plenty of time… we visited various places… Hyderabad, All of Konkan, Kerela, Uran were some of the best trips I remember.

Konkan: Mahagenco has biggest hydro power utilities in Koyna power plant. . It’s a huge dam. We visited many places in Konkan including Ganpatipule, Ratnagiri..

We visited there in October, rains were there.. and konkan was full of waterfalls. For 8 days continuously most of us took bath either in river or in a waterfall.. and once in Koyna Guest House we played kabbadi in night , then got drunked , again went to take bath @1 am in a nearby waterfall.. some of us got frightened as it was hell dark outside. But I was kind of obsessed with waterfalls.. I had to go there and we all enjoyed….

Kerela: A trip no-one of us will ever forget, after Hyderabad and Bangalore we got 4-5 days to enjoy. We were around 45 Engineers in K60 batch.. and the majority made a plan to visit Tirupati Balaji and Rameshwaram.

Again my obsession came into the picture, I always wanted to visit Kerela and this was the chance. We might not get this chance again. My friends also wanted the same, but they were saying why to break the group, we will adjust if no-one is listening. I tried to convince but no one agreed.. but I was very sure I am going Kerela even if I had to go alone. Only Pankya support, then later Roshan agreed and now we were 8 .. And we immediately booked the bus for kochi.. our journey started at night 10 pm… And everyone was happy that we were going to Kerela.

Roshan, Pankaj, Amar, Sachin, Prathamesh, Vaibhav, Pranav and me, we were 8.

Everyone agreed, going to Tirupati Balaji was a very bad plan.. but some guys just couldn’t dare to take a different path, and some were trying their luck on girls….and Ankush, kurkure, Zodge sir we missed you on the trip.

Alleppey Houseboat our 1st destination, we went there directly after visiting Kochi, it was an awesome experience. Rooms were like the hotel rooms on the boat.. all day they take you to backwaters, shops are there on the shores. You can buy seafood and a drink called todi.. Vaibhav who has already quit drinking, found an alternative to whiskey.. and when todi backfired.. it was better then whiskey.. what fun that was, Vaibhav couldn’t stop talking after 2 ltrs of todi.. and you made us laugh all night long… Fish and tiger prawns were mouth-watering.

Later we saw the oldest Indian martial art form, from Kerela, called Kalaripayattu and dance Kathakali.

Then we went for jungle trek where blood-sucking leeches were all into our boots, even after wearing such protective boots.., a boat ride into the jungle gave an entirely different view of the forest, elephant rides were great.

And Especially being with friends is altogether great fun. Thanks for the K60 batch mates and the 7 rascals.. it was an unforgettable experience.

And for this trip, you will definitely thank the 8th rascal throughout your life.😊

Travel@NITJ Khajjiar. . .Dreamland

Yes, it’s no less than a dreamland. Being in Jalandhar I got a chance to visit this place not only once but twice.. and I am still ready to go there for the third time.

We went there by road, by bus to be specific. Jalandhar to Pathankot, Pathankot to khajjiar. It’s a scenic journey.

00:00hrs and Nag baba(Ashutosh Nag) says .. yar m bored in college, let’s go somewhere. In 10 mins we all were out of the college for khajjiar. @ 01:00hrs we were searching for local transport for bus stand and @ 03:00hrs we were on the bus to Pathankot.

Most of our trips in college were like this only.

And what a place khajjiar was, there is a reason it’s called Switzerland of India or mini Switzerland. Though I’ve never been to Switzerland, we have a habit of glorifying what’s not ours. I would suggest naming Switzerland as mini khajjiar.

Otherwise, India has many hidden treasures compared to places around the world altogether and they are really incredible.. one of them is khajjiar.

Lake in the centre of the huge green field.. surrounded by monstrous Devdar trees and mountains.. and in winters everything is covered with snow…it’s simply heaven.

And when you go there once, it’s not enough.. you had to go there twice.. both of our trips were awesome. . . Gautam guest house is a place where we were staying both the times.. step farming was done behind his guest house.. and he brought fresh vegetables for parathas and lunch directly from the farm.. you can trek on mountains anywhere you want.. and you might be lucky to find an apple garden nearby.

Some sort of sports are also available in the green field.. but we were very happy with the trek, clouds nearby and bonfire in the night… We went there in summer and surprised to see there were no fans in the room when we enquired, the hotel manager told us ” sir you will need blankets..” and he was damn true.. it was chilled in the night. we had to ask for extra blankets.

The place is so beautiful and breathtaking that you cannot restrain yourself from going twice… I am waiting for my third visit.. ..