The Golden Temple – NITJ

It was 1 a.m. I don’t know, why always crazy ideas strike at this time. And it was the same discussion again.

Nag : Yar dimaag kharaab ho gaya ye game khel k ( DOTA),mujhe nahi khelna, chal kahin chalte hai!!

Me: kahan?? Bidipur ??

Nag: Kal Sunday hai!!

Me: Fir shimla to nahi ja sakte, Na paise hai , aur parso class hai!!Dhua uda aur so ja!!

Nag: Amritsar

Me: Chal! Sabko puch..

Piyush : Soja b@#₹#&@@

Sugu: Soja b@#₹#&@@

Abhishek: Soja b@#₹#&@@

Chagan: Soja b@#₹#&@@

Nag : Ab nahi puchunga main kisi ko ..

Me: Chal apan hi chalte hai..

And the journey started again @ 1.30 am. We tried to wake up some autowalas at ara but failed. We Walked, and somehow got lift. And then reached the bus stand.

@3.30 We reached Amritsar. Believe it or not, it’s the best time to reach Golden temple.

If you want to see the beauty of the golden temple you must be there @4am, before the first ray of light. Temple just shines through the darkness, and its reflection is even more beautiful…You can spend hours watching it. We used to do the same

All trees inside the temple premises are full of sleeping birds. And all of the birds wake up with the first ray of light, all together. Its the same time when Gurbani starts.

We took a refreshing bath @4am, in a chilling morning. Then took a visit inside the temple.

If ever anyone wants to visit the Golden Temple, it’s the best way to experience this Holy place.

And at that moment, Its the most beautiful, mesmerising, magical and most peaceful place in the universe for me...


Struggle after NITJ and 10 Years @Mahagenco.

MAHAGENCO: Maharashtra State Power Generation Co. Ltd. Second largest Company in Power Generation in India after NTPC.

I joined Mahagenco in 2010,23 June. We were the unlucky batch of 2009.

In 2008 Lehman brothers bankrupted, in 2009 Satyam scandal came out. The recession was at its peak and we passed out in the same year. Though placements were not that bad in NIT JALANDHAR, I was one of few who was jobless after passing out.

Tensions started building up right after that, I tried for many off-campus jobs, Sometimes rejected in written exams sometimes in interviews. It was frustrating. I decided to start working wherever possible, I was bored with this exam thing.

I joined Caprihans India Limited in Nasik as an Apprentice, That was the first time I was on my own, not even friends. My roommate BhagwanDas, though he was elder than me, taught me to cook. The salary was negligible, but I was learning, I was enjoying the work. This experience helped me throughout my life. I kept preparing for exams. I worked in Caprihans for 3 Months, then left the job for preparation of BARC exam. Got Selected in written exam, then later rejected in the interview.

Again got an offer in Delhi, Lab India Instruments as a Services Engineer. Most of the time was consumed in travelling and I barely got any time for study, but still, I continued both job and study. Mahagenco exam dates were declared almost after a year of filling the form. Exam Center was Mumbai. And I just got 2 days to reach. I took a second class ticket and just decided to board in whichever train first came on platform. It was the most tedious journey of my life. It took almost 30hrs in a general compartment. I somehow managed to sit on the door with one more guy with me, and we crossed our hands to avoid falling off the train, as both of us were asleep during the night. Finally, I reached on time, also my hall ticket was in Nasik as I filled the form from Nasik. My relative gave it to me at Nasik Railway Station.

Again the same journey while returning, as my boss just gave me 1 day time but I was relaxed. This time Mahagenco declared results in just 10 days, and I was called for interview on coming Sunday again in Mumbai. Same journey again. This time I couldn’t dare to tell my boss, I just left for Mumbai. After a month I was Selected for this job. My boss scolded me like anything, later he asked me if I am having a girlfriend in Mumbai or What?? Why I always run for Mumbai…later, after a month, I got a call letter from Mahagenco.

First few years in Mahagenco were the most satisfying in terms of job satisfaction. I enjoyed working here. Most importantly when few people are extraordinarily brilliant you can learn a lot from them and secondly when some people are extraordinarily dumb you can take a risk like the way you want. In Mahagenco you get both kinds of people… And it’s up to you what you want to be.

Today after 10 Years I am completely satisfied with my work and job, also I will remember the struggle which came my way. It not only made me strong but also taught me to respect and value what you achieve. We were not the unlucky batch, but the most fortunate.

Gaming @ NITJ

ethernet cable connected to a compartment port
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First time in my life I saw gaming, that too at this level and then we were just drowned into it. It consumed most of our time at NITJ and it was the thing no one of us can ever forget.

We got introduced to gaming in 2nd year. It was Counter-Strike we started with, and when you play alone you can get bored easily. But playing with friends on LAN was so addictive. If we are in the hostel, we are playing. Every time we are playing. Before the class, after the class and even at Bidipur -Uncle tea stall or at ARA main topic of discussion was gaming.

We were totally busy into CS until we got introduced to DOTA- Defence of the Ancient. Even at the college Fests, our main attraction was Gaming tournaments. DOTA and CS. There were few people who were equally crazy for AOE- Age of empires.

And some people like to do it alone. They were NFS-NEED FOR SPEED freaks. I never liked NFS though. I played Ages, but that was just for fun.. Real craziness was always for CS and later shifted to DOTA.

Best thing apart from the play was the chats during the play. I also played after college, but couldn’t continue. Some things are meaningful only with friends.

I still miss LAN gaming, playing and Chats with friends…I miss those shouts in the lobby, crazy discussions, I miss my DEAGEL , AK, Mevrik AND MAG And Still miss my EARTHSHAKER, SANDKING AND PUDGE…

Ganpati Celebration @ NITJ

Celebration time at NITJ. It was our 1st year, we came to know there is Ganpati celebration in our college and we only organise everything. Being a Maharashtrian I am already doing it since my childhood, Though I brought up in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. I can say that Ganpati celebration craze is not the same as it is in Maharashtra.

But here in college students of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujrat, Chattisgarh we together used to organise Ganpati Bappa Celebration in our hostels. I remember the first year, we all juniors went for collection. Later Ganpati Sthapna was done in Hostel no 4, final year hostel. All students together used to participate and arrange for everything.

10 days it was fun, Mornings and evening Arti, whole day time pass at the pandal, skipped most of the lectures during those 10days. All of us went for Visarjan chanting Ganpati Bappa Morya and various other slogans and dancing, sorry I don’t remember the place where we did the visarjan..if someone recognises please mention the place in comments. I also went inside the lake for Visarjan. And everyone had their stomach full of laddus and Prasad.

Same craziness and fun I see in Maharashtra, which was missing in MP. But, I don’t like some people getting drunk and ruin this holy festival at least they can control for this one day…

Memorable Celebration and the most enthusiastic senior were Joshi Sir Final year and Tikolo Sir our super Senior…

Ragging, the fun part. @ NITJ

I have never supported ragging. But the fun part was there, and it was incredible.

Funny games which seniors made us play, tasks were given by them, movies we watched together, Going to bidipur with seniors and enjoying there, they were the one who showed us the shortcut,…all was fun.

Dussu, the guy who never abused anyone was given the task of writing 100 abusive words, and he was mugging up every word like he was preparing for his final exams. He was taking advice from everyone and then mugging every word and again revising them before going to seniors…

There was a game to F***a/ F***i. We have to speak that word and blow away the coin placed between 2 of us.

The second was a court case, random funny topics we’re given to fight the case.

Mujra was performed by each one of us.

Some became Superman to wore their undies over the pants and roam around the hostel.

Preparation of intro, dancing on kajrare. . Suggu became Aishwarya and I was Abhishek. Panchore was Amitabh.

First smoke, First drink, Proposing the girl you like in campus and to get the answer written and signed by her. Proposing a senior girl. All of it was fun, we enjoyed it very much.

For the proposing task, Aman helped me, she gave me written reply not just for me but she got it done for all of my friends.

Obviously, everyone answered in NO and Later I and Aman became very good friends.

Spending time with your friends is always been great.

College life is something you will never get back again, for those who are preparing to start this life, I just want to say enjoy your every moment, it is going to be the best time of your life.

And for people like me, that time will always make us smile 😊

New Beginning @ Mahagenco-NITJ college life lived again…

After passing out from NITJ and working at various places, I joined Mahagenco in 2010. After almost a year of work, we were called for training… “Ya, we worked before our training “. The system has changed now, they provide induction level training first, then on job training, and then posting…

Mahagenco training was another college life I lived after NITJ, with new friends of K-60 batch. It’s a 52 weeks training (1 year), where 6months is classroom training with industrial tours.

Tours were the best part, after our technical visits we had plenty of time… we visited various places… Hyderabad, All of Konkan, Kerela, Uran were some of the best trips I remember.

Konkan: Mahagenco has biggest hydro power utilities in Koyna power plant. . It’s a huge dam. We visited many places in Konkan including Ganpatipule, Ratnagiri..

We visited there in October, rains were there.. and konkan was full of waterfalls. For 8 days continuously most of us took bath either in river or in a waterfall.. and once in Koyna Guest House we played kabbadi in night , then got drunked , again went to take bath @1 am in a nearby waterfall.. some of us got frightened as it was hell dark outside. But I was kind of obsessed with waterfalls.. I had to go there and we all enjoyed….

Kerela: A trip no-one of us will ever forget, after Hyderabad and Bangalore we got 4-5 days to enjoy. We were around 45 Engineers in K60 batch.. and the majority made a plan to visit Tirupati Balaji and Rameshwaram.

Again my obsession came into the picture, I always wanted to visit Kerela and this was the chance. We might not get this chance again. My friends also wanted the same, but they were saying why to break the group, we will adjust if no-one is listening. I tried to convince but no one agreed.. but I was very sure I am going Kerela even if I had to go alone. Only Pankya support, then later Roshan agreed and now we were 8 .. And we immediately booked the bus for kochi.. our journey started at night 10 pm… And everyone was happy that we were going to Kerela.

Roshan, Pankaj, Amar, Sachin, Prathamesh, Vaibhav, Pranav and me, we were 8.

Everyone agreed, going to Tirupati Balaji was a very bad plan.. but some guys just couldn’t dare to take a different path, and some were trying their luck on girls….and Ankush, kurkure, Zodge sir we missed you on the trip.

Alleppey Houseboat our 1st destination, we went there directly after visiting Kochi, it was an awesome experience. Rooms were like the hotel rooms on the boat.. all day they take you to backwaters, shops are there on the shores. You can buy seafood and a drink called todi.. Vaibhav who has already quit drinking, found an alternative to whiskey.. and when todi backfired.. it was better then whiskey.. what fun that was, Vaibhav couldn’t stop talking after 2 ltrs of todi.. and you made us laugh all night long… Fish and tiger prawns were mouth-watering.

Later we saw the oldest Indian martial art form, from Kerela, called Kalaripayattu and dance Kathakali.

Then we went for jungle trek where blood-sucking leeches were all into our boots, even after wearing such protective boots.., a boat ride into the jungle gave an entirely different view of the forest, elephant rides were great.

And Especially being with friends is altogether great fun. Thanks for the K60 batch mates and the 7 rascals.. it was an unforgettable experience.

And for this trip, you will definitely thank the 8th rascal throughout your life.😊

Wo rail ki patri aur wo Ara..@NITJ

Lyrics by Gary sir, no one can ever forget the song… Thanks for such a beautiful song Gary Sir…

Most of the time we spent @ NITJ was at Ara or Cha Cha tea stall or some dhabba. We were there before the class and after the class and in between the classes, in the morning at 6 am or in night 3 am, time never mattered.

Lots of memories are there.. whether it is the first intro with seniors, or morning tea with fen @cha cha stall, party with friends etc… The list is endless.

One day some guy came and told “aj theka tuta hai”, it was the last day for wine shop to clear the stocks. Every one of us went there, every thing was so cheap, you could get beer for Rs 20/-, the wine shop was fully packed… That was the first time I saw a whiskey bottle of 10ltrs… and We were like…It really exists ? .. I don’t know just in Punjab or anywhere else but I never saw that again. And stocks were clear in an hour.

This was chai tapri n Dhabba but Ara was nearby.. just across the railway tracks.. and I still don’t know why it was called Ara. It was the destination for a break between 2 lectures. Stuffed Paratha with lots of butter was the speciality.. it was really good ……

Everyone has lots of college memories which still make us feel good… It’s just a small attempt to live those memories in our minds.. feel that thrill and fun again, coz in the end.

Bas yade reh jaati hai…

Travel@NITJ Khajjiar. . .Dreamland

Yes, it’s no less than a dreamland. Being in Jalandhar I got a chance to visit this place not only once but twice.. and I am still ready to go there for the third time.

We went there by road, by bus to be specific. Jalandhar to Pathankot, Pathankot to khajjiar. It’s a scenic journey.

00:00hrs and Nag baba(Ashutosh Nag) says .. yar m bored in college, let’s go somewhere. In 10 mins we all were out of the college for khajjiar. @ 01:00hrs we were searching for local transport for bus stand and @ 03:00hrs we were on the bus to Pathankot.

Most of our trips in college were like this only.

And what a place khajjiar was, there is a reason it’s called Switzerland of India or mini Switzerland. Though I’ve never been to Switzerland, we have a habit of glorifying what’s not ours. I would suggest naming Switzerland as mini khajjiar.

Otherwise, India has many hidden treasures compared to places around the world altogether and they are really incredible.. one of them is khajjiar.

Lake in the centre of the huge green field.. surrounded by monstrous Devdar trees and mountains.. and in winters everything is covered with snow…it’s simply heaven.

And when you go there once, it’s not enough.. you had to go there twice.. both of our trips were awesome. . . Gautam guest house is a place where we were staying both the times.. step farming was done behind his guest house.. and he brought fresh vegetables for parathas and lunch directly from the farm.. you can trek on mountains anywhere you want.. and you might be lucky to find an apple garden nearby.

Some sort of sports are also available in the green field.. but we were very happy with the trek, clouds nearby and bonfire in the night… We went there in summer and surprised to see there were no fans in the room when we enquired, the hotel manager told us ” sir you will need blankets..” and he was damn true.. it was chilled in the night. we had to ask for extra blankets.

The place is so beautiful and breathtaking that you cannot restrain yourself from going twice… I am waiting for my third visit.. ..

Ragging @NITJ

Baat nikli hai to dur tak jaani chahiye, har kisi ko 1 kahani yad aani chahiye. Chup rehna ya bhul jana meri adat nahi , mujhe us ayine se nazre Milani Ani chahiye.

Ragging, a word which makes youngsters fear when they enter college. Do they deserve this kind of fear when they are starting their new life, entering into the new world? No, they don’t.

What happened at NIT-JALANDHAR

We lost our friend in a suicide case.

When freshers enter into the college it’s a completely new world for them and they are all alone. Most close and guiding figure they find is their seniors and every fresher I can say, respects them as their elder brothers.

But they don’t know that it’s the matter of pride and ego. Some harmless fun is always enjoyed. Even we did.

But, slowly things turned sour. It got physical. And no matter how senior you are, you are not allowed to hit someone.

You can’t just bully someone for fun. You can’t just beat them because they are helpless. No, it’s not acceptable.

After this incidence may be seniors were feeling guilty, maybe they did it in peer pressure or maybe super seniors forced them to do it. After all, they were also kids who just joined a few years before us.

And not just the guys who were accused suffered, but everyone suffered and that incidence must have put everyone into introspection.

And the parents who lost their son, the parents of accused who were begging and apologising from everyone for their kids are the one who suffered most.

I still remember that shivering voice, when one of my seniors called me after we all got the news about suicide..he was so scared and was unable to talk properly and I could hear the voices of others. They all were scared.

To the seniors. ..

Don’t make it a pride issue. You can be a fresher’s best friend, guide and mentor. Respect is something you have to earn, you can’t force someone to respect you.

There is one person who actually earned it, before this suicide case, when ragging was still on, even when everyone is showing their superiority, he actually had to hit me, maybe due to seniors pressure but he instantly apologised, it takes a lot of courage to do this. A grand salute to you Mr Sachin Soni Sir, you actually earned that respect from my heart. After that, he never hurt anyone of us again. He is a gentleman. And that slap never hurt.

To the Freshers

Start a new beginning with a smile. Respect your seniors. But if things are not well and you think you can’t take it. Speak-up, Stand up for yourself. Stay united and talk to authorities.

Don’t ever take suicide as an option. You are never alone. And fighting and getting hurt is always better than dying.

If it’s the last option you need. Break their bones.. but you will never need it coz there are many hands for your help.. just look around. .. Trust me they can help you…

College life is the most wonderful time of your life. Enjoy it most.. Together

Horror @ NITJ

Roots looked something like that

We have felt the pain to lose our friend, it was the incidence which left us broken from inside. All of us.

Our friend committed suicide, his body was found on railway tracks broken into a thousand pieces.

Amit was a great guy, gutsy, fun-loving, muscular in short a handsome hunk. Nobody thought that this guy can do something so horrible, he left a suicide note. The reason he mentioned was ragging. And then started police inquiry, media, etc etc .. it was bad, very bad.

We were in the first year and Amit’s room was on my floor. 304 and mine were 315.. he often used to come for my EGD sheets for topo work.

After this episode was over. Amit’s room was locked and a friend needed a topo glass. So we decided to go into Amit’s room to remove the window glass.

We entered the balcony, removed the glass and when we were returning, a friend shouted “e wo dekh upar se kya latak Raha hai”…(what’s hanging up there). It looked like someone’s hand like they show in horror movies. . . And somebody shouted Abe bhaag bhoot. !!! We all ran like anything…

Later, out of curiosity we again came back to find what was that. They were roots of a small Banyan tree which were hanging from the terrace. And the guy who shouted already noticed it before and he scared the hell out of us.

We removed 3 more topo glasses later just for social work and also clicked pics with those “Hands of Ghost”… but many light-hearted guys were still scared to even come on our floor. One of them was my roommate Panchore who shifted to the ground floor.

Amit you were a true friend and you will always be missed. It was a bold but very wrong step. May your soul Rest in peace.