Mahagenco Worklessness

Though I loved working at Mahagenco. But from last few years plant is almost on barring, even if it’s started it’s not for a long time.

When you suddenly go workless, initially you might feel relieved or stress-free but as the time passes that Worklessness starts to kill you. It starts to build more and more stress and might fill you with negativity and depression. That’s what happened in this lockdown.

A wise man once said if you want to feel fresh for a few minutes, listen to a good song. If you want to be stress-free for a couple of days, go on a vacation. But if you always want to be happy and stress-free love your work. So true. I am not very sure who said that but I saw this with RATAN TATA’S picture. The man I always admired.

Just sitting with no work could be the biggest curse for some people, especially who loves their work.

Our power sector is going threw this crisis. There can be many reasons for that like environmental conditions, political issues, the efficiency of plants, etc. Also, our old Koradi 210MW plants are very old and might not fit into new environmental and efficiency norms. In such a situation lucky are those who are in working plants.

Positive side

I believe, you grow mostly much better in your hard times. So let the problems turn into possibilities, let us make most out of our hardest time.

Empty Mind gives place to thousand notorious and unwanted thoughts but it also makes space for creativity and innovation. So let us learn to control our minds rather than getting controlled by it. Let us make most of our time.

And it’s not just the case of Mahagenco. Corona has made the situation even worst of many others. So let us find out a ray of hope in the dark.

You might not know what surprises life has kept for you until you open the box. Once a servant might turn a business owner or artist. Or you might become a traveller, a photographer, anything you want.

So pull yourself out of this negativity, fill up your brains and thoughts with Positivity. It’s the first step towards any journey...

“अथांग प्रामाणिकपणा “

‘अथांग प्रामाणिकपणा ‘

बहुतेक २००४ / २००५ साल असावं. खापरखेडा विद्युत केंद्रात सहाय्यक अभियंता होतो व नागपुरला राहणं. Car pool सोबत श्री काटे, विजयकुमार, गुंटुरकर साहेब असल्याने प्रवास मनोरंजक व्हायचा. त्या सायंकाळी देखील नेहमीप्रमाणे घरी आलो. बघतो तर काय सौ. चा चेहरा काही तरी विषेश गोष्ट सांगायला उत्सुक. बरं ते दिवस नेमके असे कि सगळ्या बाजारपेठेत SALE सुरु. खरेदीचा बेत असावा असा अंदाज.
आणि चहापाणी होताच सौ. सांगती झाली. घडलेला प्रसंग विलक्षण होता. तो तिच्याच शब्दांत व्यक्त करायला हवा.
” अहो आज दुपारी आम्ही, म्हणजे मि आणि शेजारच्या वहिनी खरेदीला धरमपेठ ला गेलो होतो. जातांना व येतांना सायकल रिक्षा केला. येतांना काय झालं कि भरपुर खरेदी असल्याने काही सामान रिक्षाचे सिटवर ठेवले. घरी आल्यावर मि रिक्षाचे भाडे दिलं, घरात आलो. काही वेळाने बघते तर काय शेजारच्या वहिनी रडत घरी आल्या. त्या त्यांची Purse रिक्षातच विसरल्या होत्या. Purse मध्ये पैसे, दागिने मिळुन १५००० चा ऐवज होता. कसचा परत मिळतो. कसेतरी समजावून घरी पाठवलं.
आणि थोड्याच वेळात तो रिक्षा वाला परत आला सोबत अजुन एक रिक्षामित्र. आणि त्याने Purse परत केली. संपुर्ण ऐवज जसाच्या तसा. आणि सांगत होता रिक्षा स्टॅंड वर गेल्यावर Purse दिसली, मित्राला सांगितले व दोघं परत आलो. तपासुन घ्या. ”
आता या प्रामाणिकपणा ला अथांग म्हणू नये तर काय म्हणावे ; ज्याला शिक्षण, आर्थिक स्थिती, हुद्दा…..कशाचेही बंधन नाही.
( अनुभव व लेखन – दिपक जैन )

Working @ Mahagenco Case Study

This is my first technical post, I can say. I was not writing this as many from another work background might not understand what is happening, but I always loved doing this and it has to be penned down and I will also try to make it understandable.

So, I was working as a Turbine Desk Operator at Unit #7 Koradi Thermal Power Station. It is dry bottom – Corner fired -Natural Circulation BHEL Boiler with Russian LMW Turbine. and being an old Unit Controls are mostly hardwired.

Set was running at normal load around 180MegaWatts, and suddenly we observed an electrical jerk. Before we could react half of our auxiliaries were tripped but set was still on load.

1 Boiler Feed Pump, 1 Induced Draught Fan, 1Forced Draught Fan, 1 Primary Air Fan and 3 Coal MILLs, 1 Circulating Water Pump, All Condensate Extraction Pump,2 General Service Water Pumps tripped are the 6.6 Kv auxiliaries and lots of other 415V auxiliaries tripped. Even after Set did not trip but Draught was fluctuating.

So to save the set, we took oil support in 2 Elevations and manually tripped the coal mills immediately, later we observed it was 1 Station Transform that tripped so all the auxiliaries that belonged to that board tripped as well. So we needed at least 1 BFP, we reduced the load to 10MW and maintained Boiler Pressure at 100kgs and available BFP has to be taken in service but we observed all CEP also tripped, and they have to be started manually, API ran to start whichever CEP he could start.

After some time we had 1CEP, 1BFP,1ID, 1 FD Fan and 1 PA fan in service, but this was not all, we had to manage for more time till we get other auxiliaries on load. We controlled the load to 10MW, Draught and FST and HOTWELL levels on manual till our testing gang identified the fault and recovered the supply.

But finally, Set tripping was saved.

This was one of the most horrible nightmares for any operation person, but I personally loved such emergencies and here in Koradi we get to experience lots of them, it not only make you confident but also makes you feel motivated for your work. And it shows us the importance of teamwork, not just operation but also maintenance staff.

Later we all got appreciation letter by Mr Kondalwar our DyCE.

But, this was the benefit of a manually operated set, otherwise it would not have been possible to save the set with the control system in such situations. There are both pros and cons of technology.

Emergency handling and Rolling were the best things I always loved to do. I just wanted to write this because I never want to forget these experiences which made me love my job.

And I know there are many more like me here, So this is the post for all those Engineers who loved working at Mahagenco.

Sorry I could not make it simple for non-technical readers.

Any one can post.

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Happy Friendship Day

Happy Friendship Day

Wo sankri c galiyon me cricket na hota, wo nali ki gend patak patak k kaun dhota, wo khambe ka stump na hota, mogri ka bat na hota, agar wo dost na hota…

Wo munderon pe patang kaun udata, wo baju wale ki chaat se kati patang kaun lata..

Din din bhar cricket vollyball na hota, wo besure gaane kaun gata… Padhte padhte samose kaun mangata, jhute donne class ki ladki k darwaze par kaun chod k ata…

Wo school ki marchpast pared me dhakke kaun deta, class ki table par drawing kaun banata, agar wo nalayak dost na hota…

Wo jhagde na hota , wo mazaak na hota , teacher ki maar ka maza na hota, agar hasne ko wo dost na hota…

College ki wo raate na hoti, rato me wo baate na hoti, dhuye k wo chhalle kaun banata , agar wo dost na hota…

Kis ki kandhe par tu sota , purani girlfriend ko yad karke rota, wo ladki k bhai ko galiya kaun deta , agar wo kamina dost na hota…

Theke se kaun utha k lata , la k room me fek jata… Warden ki checking dekh kar kaun bahar se tala lagata.. agar wo dost na hota…

Partiyon me koi rang na hota, movies me koi dhang na hota, agar saath dene wala wo dost na hota…

Aur kaun zindagi bhar saath nibhata, agar haath pakadne ko wo ek humsafar na hota…

Ek humsafar, jo best friend forever b hota, marz b wahi aur marz ki dawa bhi wahi hota…

Zindagi k safar me har mod kuch adhura hota, agar har mod pe nalayak, nakara aur pyara dost na hota…

Dedicated to all the friends

Struggle after NITJ and 10 Years @Mahagenco.

MAHAGENCO: Maharashtra State Power Generation Co. Ltd. Second largest Company in Power Generation in India after NTPC.

I joined Mahagenco in 2010,23 June. We were the unlucky batch of 2009.

In 2008 Lehman brothers bankrupted, in 2009 Satyam scandal came out. The recession was at its peak and we passed out in the same year. Though placements were not that bad in NIT JALANDHAR, I was one of few who was jobless after passing out.

Tensions started building up right after that, I tried for many off-campus jobs, Sometimes rejected in written exams sometimes in interviews. It was frustrating. I decided to start working wherever possible, I was bored with this exam thing.

I joined Caprihans India Limited in Nasik as an Apprentice, That was the first time I was on my own, not even friends. My roommate BhagwanDas, though he was elder than me, taught me to cook. The salary was negligible, but I was learning, I was enjoying the work. This experience helped me throughout my life. I kept preparing for exams. I worked in Caprihans for 3 Months, then left the job for preparation of BARC exam. Got Selected in written exam, then later rejected in the interview.

Again got an offer in Delhi, Lab India Instruments as a Services Engineer. Most of the time was consumed in travelling and I barely got any time for study, but still, I continued both job and study. Mahagenco exam dates were declared almost after a year of filling the form. Exam Center was Mumbai. And I just got 2 days to reach. I took a second class ticket and just decided to board in whichever train first came on platform. It was the most tedious journey of my life. It took almost 30hrs in a general compartment. I somehow managed to sit on the door with one more guy with me, and we crossed our hands to avoid falling off the train, as both of us were asleep during the night. Finally, I reached on time, also my hall ticket was in Nasik as I filled the form from Nasik. My relative gave it to me at Nasik Railway Station.

Again the same journey while returning, as my boss just gave me 1 day time but I was relaxed. This time Mahagenco declared results in just 10 days, and I was called for interview on coming Sunday again in Mumbai. Same journey again. This time I couldn’t dare to tell my boss, I just left for Mumbai. After a month I was Selected for this job. My boss scolded me like anything, later he asked me if I am having a girlfriend in Mumbai or What?? Why I always run for Mumbai…later, after a month, I got a call letter from Mahagenco.

First few years in Mahagenco were the most satisfying in terms of job satisfaction. I enjoyed working here. Most importantly when few people are extraordinarily brilliant you can learn a lot from them and secondly when some people are extraordinarily dumb you can take a risk like the way you want. In Mahagenco you get both kinds of people… And it’s up to you what you want to be.

Today after 10 Years I am completely satisfied with my work and job, also I will remember the struggle which came my way. It not only made me strong but also taught me to respect and value what you achieve. We were not the unlucky batch, but the most fortunate.

New Beginning @ Mahagenco-NITJ college life lived again…

After passing out from NITJ and working at various places, I joined Mahagenco in 2010. After almost a year of work, we were called for training… “Ya, we worked before our training “. The system has changed now, they provide induction level training first, then on job training, and then posting…

Mahagenco training was another college life I lived after NITJ, with new friends of K-60 batch. It’s a 52 weeks training (1 year), where 6months is classroom training with industrial tours.

Tours were the best part, after our technical visits we had plenty of time… we visited various places… Hyderabad, All of Konkan, Kerela, Uran were some of the best trips I remember.

Konkan: Mahagenco has biggest hydro power utilities in Koyna power plant. . It’s a huge dam. We visited many places in Konkan including Ganpatipule, Ratnagiri..

We visited there in October, rains were there.. and konkan was full of waterfalls. For 8 days continuously most of us took bath either in river or in a waterfall.. and once in Koyna Guest House we played kabbadi in night , then got drunked , again went to take bath @1 am in a nearby waterfall.. some of us got frightened as it was hell dark outside. But I was kind of obsessed with waterfalls.. I had to go there and we all enjoyed….

Kerela: A trip no-one of us will ever forget, after Hyderabad and Bangalore we got 4-5 days to enjoy. We were around 45 Engineers in K60 batch.. and the majority made a plan to visit Tirupati Balaji and Rameshwaram.

Again my obsession came into the picture, I always wanted to visit Kerela and this was the chance. We might not get this chance again. My friends also wanted the same, but they were saying why to break the group, we will adjust if no-one is listening. I tried to convince but no one agreed.. but I was very sure I am going Kerela even if I had to go alone. Only Pankya support, then later Roshan agreed and now we were 8 .. And we immediately booked the bus for kochi.. our journey started at night 10 pm… And everyone was happy that we were going to Kerela.

Roshan, Pankaj, Amar, Sachin, Prathamesh, Vaibhav, Pranav and me, we were 8.

Everyone agreed, going to Tirupati Balaji was a very bad plan.. but some guys just couldn’t dare to take a different path, and some were trying their luck on girls….and Ankush, kurkure, Zodge sir we missed you on the trip.

Alleppey Houseboat our 1st destination, we went there directly after visiting Kochi, it was an awesome experience. Rooms were like the hotel rooms on the boat.. all day they take you to backwaters, shops are there on the shores. You can buy seafood and a drink called todi.. Vaibhav who has already quit drinking, found an alternative to whiskey.. and when todi backfired.. it was better then whiskey.. what fun that was, Vaibhav couldn’t stop talking after 2 ltrs of todi.. and you made us laugh all night long… Fish and tiger prawns were mouth-watering.

Later we saw the oldest Indian martial art form, from Kerela, called Kalaripayattu and dance Kathakali.

Then we went for jungle trek where blood-sucking leeches were all into our boots, even after wearing such protective boots.., a boat ride into the jungle gave an entirely different view of the forest, elephant rides were great.

And Especially being with friends is altogether great fun. Thanks for the K60 batch mates and the 7 rascals.. it was an unforgettable experience.

And for this trip, you will definitely thank the 8th rascal throughout your life.😊