Happy New Year 2021

A year passes, which will never be forgotten, it showed us our place, it showed us what to value and what to not.

A year which will be remembered for its bad events more than good, it has brought us closer to our loved ones, it showed us the value of time, it showed us who are our real heroes and who the fake ones, it taught us to value life and not the things.

Let’s keep those learning with us and step forward for a new beginning.

A very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year 2021.

Happy New Year 2021

A year passes, which will never be forgotten, it showed us our place, it showed us what to value and what to not.

A year which will be remembered for its bad events more than good, it has brought us closer to our loved ones, it showed us the value of time, it showed us who are our real heroes and who the fake ones, it taught us to value life and not the things.

Let’s keep those learning with us and step forward for a new beginning.

A very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year 2021.

रोक लेना खुद को।

रोक लेना खुद को , लगे कि बिखरने वाले हो , वो लोग जो तेरे टूटने का करण है , तेरे बिखरने पर हंसी उड़ाएंगे।

रोक लेना खुद को , अगर लगे की गुस्से में हो, वो लोग तेरे गुस्से का हथियार तुझी पे चलाएंगे ।

आंसू को कमजोरी बनते देर नहीं लगती, गुस्से को अहंकार में ढलते देर नहीं लगती ।

तेरे गुस्से के काबिल नहीं वो लोग, तेरी तकलीफ़ से खुश है वो लोग, दुनिया को बस मुसकान ही देना, तेरी उचाईया ही उनका सबक हैं ।

रोक लेना खुद को गिरने से, तेरा हाथ थामने को तेरे अपने ही बहुत है।


बड़ा थकाती है और बहुत रूलाती है मंजिले, खून पसीना भी बड़ा बहाती है मंजिले , रास्ते कांटो से भरे होते है, घाट घाट की सैर कराती है मंजिले।

रातों को नींदे उड़ाती है , दिन मे ये ख्वाब दिखाती है , हस्ते हुए को रूलाती है , रोते को भी ये हसाती है।

जीने कि ये राह भी है, और चलने का तरीका भी , यही तेरी मुस्कान भी है और यही सलीका भी । ख्वाब ही है तेरे जो जीने कि उम्मीद है , ख्वाब ही खुशियां है , ख्वाब ही हर फसाद है।

ज़िंदगी रास्तों पे है , और मंजिले ख़्वाबों मे, ना अंत रास्तों का है ना अंत ख़्वाबों का, जितना जिये वो तेरी हिम्मत और जितना चले वो तेरी किस्मत।

Happy Diwali

A very happy and prosperous deepawali to everyone, many of us have managed to avoid crakers though there were lots of them out there but atleast we have taken our first step towards caring for our environment.

I bribed my kids with some extra toys and sweets and they happily agreed to go this diwali without crackers. And good thing is this time they are happily playing all around but everytime they get serious throat infection during Diwali .

So I prefer to see my kids happy over those unnecessary crackers.

Aj hawa me zeher kuch kam to hai, kilkariyo se bhara fir bhi angan to hai … Kya rakha hai kambakht zehrile ujalo me, diyo se bhi ghar roshan to hai…

Pathako ka dhuan nahi, fulo ki khushbu to hai …rangoli k rang hai, tyohar ka mausam to hai…


शून्य से ही जग बने, शून्य पर ही सब खत्म, शून्य से ही मैं और तुम, शून्य से ही है जिवन।

शून्य से ही तू बढ़े, शून्य से ही तू चला, आकर रुकेगा शून्य पर ही, चक्र ये निरंतर चला।

लगे कभी तूझे कि सामने है अंत खड़ा, याद रखना प्रारंभ की है यही विशेषता, अंत है आरंभ भी, हर आरंभ का है अंत लिखा।

शून्य पर है तू खड़ा और शून्य पर है तू चला, शून्य भी तब तक चलेगा, जब तलक है तू चला।

विचित्र है पर सत्य है , शून्य यह अद्भुत बड़ा, ना कोई भी नोंक इस में, सादगी से है भरा ।

सब कहीं ना कहीं जाकर रुके, शून्य ये निरंतर चला, और शून्य बस चलता रहा।


Now that is the line we say or get to listen when we get drunk with friends, but this time in my case it was different.

He was not my friend infact he was a stranger and he was drunk.

I was working in Delhi and was returning from my Kirti Nagar office.

I was walking to Kirti Nagar metro station when this guy passed by my side on his bike and fell on the road about 20meters ahead of me.

I rushed to pick him up, he was lying on the road but he was not hurt anywhere, I asked him if he’s ok, he nodded, I picked his bike and then helped him to get up and that’s when I realised he was drunk.

It was 9:00 PM and I asked if I can drop you anywhere as he was not looking in the condition to ride on his own.

Rascal Said : Tune bhai ki jaan bachai hai bhai terko chodega.

I said: Ok , let me ride the bike.

Rascal: “Gadi tera bhai chalega”.

Me : Bhai ko police utha k le jayegi, samjha kar let me ride.

Rascal: Abe tera bhai Army me hai, ye dekh and he gave me his Army ID card.

I realised, he is not going to listen so I said chal bhai tu nikal mera metro station samne hi hai. I’ll manage.

Rascal: Tune bhai ki jaan bachai hai , bhai terko ghar tak chod k ayega , kahan chodna hai bata tu bas.

Me: It’s too far, let it be I will manage .

Rascal : Tu bata bas bola na, kahan jana hai bata…

Me: Laxmi Nagar, But I will come only if you let me ride the bike.

Rascal somehow agreed after sometime. And we headed to Laxmi Nagar, but just after few Kilometres he started shouting , ” Abe kya bailgadi chala raha hai” Gadi rok, Gadi rok! And again I had to stop.

He forced me to sit on the backseat, and now he was riding. He was drunk, he was not wearing a helmet, forget about him I was not wearing a helmet and he was riding at 100+ speed.

Gadi bhai ne chalai, aur meri jaan mere muh tak aake ruki thi. I never wanted to die like this. And he was riding like he’s the Yamraj and we are just ready to enter the clouds…

Again , after few Kilometres I started shouting . Stop, Stop,Stop!

Rascal : Bhai Laxmi Nagar to dur hai.

Me: Nahi Bhai yahan bech me mujhe thoda kam hai, wo karke main chala jaunga… You enjoy your Flight!!!

I ran to nearby metro station and our bhai in typical Delhi wali feeling said: Bhai agar koi bhi kaam ho puri Delhi me to bas tu phone laga dena bhai pahuch jayega…

I kept running without taking his phone number and without even asking his name…

Mahagenco Worklessness

Though I loved working at Mahagenco. But from last few years plant is almost on barring, even if it’s started it’s not for a long time.

When you suddenly go workless, initially you might feel relieved or stress-free but as the time passes that Worklessness starts to kill you. It starts to build more and more stress and might fill you with negativity and depression. That’s what happened in this lockdown.

A wise man once said if you want to feel fresh for a few minutes, listen to a good song. If you want to be stress-free for a couple of days, go on a vacation. But if you always want to be happy and stress-free love your work. So true. I am not very sure who said that but I saw this with RATAN TATA’S picture. The man I always admired.

Just sitting with no work could be the biggest curse for some people, especially who loves their work.

Our power sector is going threw this crisis. There can be many reasons for that like environmental conditions, political issues, the efficiency of plants, etc. Also, our old Koradi 210MW plants are very old and might not fit into new environmental and efficiency norms. In such a situation lucky are those who are in working plants.

Positive side

I believe, you grow mostly much better in your hard times. So let the problems turn into possibilities, let us make most out of our hardest time.

Empty Mind gives place to thousand notorious and unwanted thoughts but it also makes space for creativity and innovation. So let us learn to control our minds rather than getting controlled by it. Let us make most of our time.

And it’s not just the case of Mahagenco. Corona has made the situation even worst of many others. So let us find out a ray of hope in the dark.

You might not know what surprises life has kept for you until you open the box. Once a servant might turn a business owner or artist. Or you might become a traveller, a photographer, anything you want.

So pull yourself out of this negativity, fill up your brains and thoughts with Positivity. It’s the first step towards any journey...

AdSense Approval

Google Adsense approval

Yes, I got my Google AdSense approval today after almost 6 months. I am not pro at this I got it for the first time and this is the first website I build. I am just sharing my experience which may help newcomers to get the approval.


So, I started with lovelaughlivezindagi.in in mid of May and it just my love for writing which encouraged me to make a website.

I researched a bit as I had no idea what WordPress is. I found GoDaddy quite simple as compared to other hosting providers and called there customer service centre, they explained everything very nicely, I could get 50 % of it in my head and decided to go ahead.

There were lots of offers out there, like 99/month with domain and all hosting support, I selected that one and started with the basic WordPress site. Go Daddy told me that I can manage the site with the help of plugins as I had no idea about coding and I still don’t have any clue about coding thing.

After my website started, I just kept writing about my college days and lots of other memories. But after 4-5 posts and some research, I found its possible to get Google AdSense approval and i checked some videos on youtube, it told me at least 20-25 posts least at least. And I kept writing.

Some pages like contact me, disclaimer, about me were needed so I made them and then applied for Adsense. But, rejected due to no or very less content reason.

Keep trying:

After I reached 30-40 posts I reapplied for the approval but reason was something I could not understand. I am not fulfilling there policy. I read their policy but could not get the reason for rejection, Google does not give you the specific reason directly you have to keep trying. So kept trying and kept writing and kept improving my website.

There were many great plugins there to help me out. I liked Elementor and jetpack most, it helped to make a good website easily without any coding knowledge. But one day suddenly Elementor crashed in some update. All the pages which I made using Elementor were changed to the basic form.

I never used Elementor again as I thought there is no point using a plugin which doubles my work after it crashes and I had no idea how to restore.

Again I kept writing, kept improving, kept researching and kept applying for Adsense. Google mentioned they don’t need SSL certificates so I didn’t go after it, I don’t have an SSL certificate.

Instead I kept looking at the sites which newly got Google AdSense Approval. One thing I noticed was the home page of all the websites was leading you to various other links and pages and it contains lots of things and posts.

Whereas, on my homepage just had various categories and it was not that great.

And suddenly one day my jetpack also crashed, not just crashed it led my website to crash as well. It was the best plugin as it helped me to use my website as a mobile app. Also, it was very convenient and easy to use WordPress with a jetpack.

But, I didn’t want these crashing plugins, Go Daddy team helped me to recover my website and then I deleted Jetpack I leaned to manage without it.

I improved my homepage again, Post Grid plugin helped me to do that. And I again applied for Google AdSense Approval with around 75 posts on my website.

After almost 15-20 failed attempts, they approved my website. I got my Google AdSense Approval just before completing 6 months of website age.

So this was all I experienced while getting the approval and I am still very new to this and yet to learn a lot about WordPress and Website, SEO, etc etc, I don’t even know many technical terms.

In short :

But to summarise I can tell you You need unique content, you don’t need an SSL certificate, I think home page plays an important role, also make all the necessary pages like a disclaimer, contact, about me, copyright message, etc, and you have to keep trying and be patient...

Royal Enfield and JAWA

I never got confused so much in my life. But these two motorbikes i.e Royal Enfield and JAWA, both are good in their own way but then something happened which led me to take the decision finally.


I did my research online and compared two bikes Royal Enfield and JAWA, I have never ridden any of those. So, after the comparison I decided to go for Jawa trial instead of Royal Enfield first.


After I took the trial ride of Jawa Classic I was very much impressed by it’s refined engine, smoothness and looks. My decision was made and I was going to buy Jawa Classic.

Royal Enfield Bullet classic 350

As I was about to buy Jawa and was about 99 percent sure that I am going for this, but still I thought of not taking that 1 percent chance and decide to ride Bullet once, luckily my neighbour had bullet classic and I asked him for his bike and went for a trial ride .

It was an entirely different feeling, I was not a bike enthusiast up till now, but that one ride changed all my thoughts for biking. You just fell in love with this bike.


You know Jawa is better than Royal Enfield Classic 350 in every aspect but still, you fell in love with Royal Enfield.

Jawa has refined Engine Royal Enfield roars, Jawa gives you a smoother ride Royal Enfield has vibrations, Jawa has a clean and sophisticated design but Royal Enfield we all know.

I don’t call it confusion it’s a fight between your mind and heart, your mind knows everything based on its calculation but your heart has no brains, it just loves.

Like I always do and so far never regretted my decision. I decided to go with my heart…

So the bullet is booked! Waiting for it to come in my hands very soon…

Thanks to my wife for this lovely gift…❤