Do it Now

If you’re waiting for the day when your all

problems will be solved,

You’ll have to wait for rest of your life.

Whatever it is…

Do it Now

Disturbance in your pocket.

I decided to write something so took out my mobile phone . As usual checked Watsapp, Facebook , Instagram ,etc found an story on Facebook about current situation in Kabul , Afghanistan.

How the lives of the people has became hell , a lady pilot stoned to death just because being a lady she should not fly. There was couple of more stories about different topics .

After reading couple of tragic stories I searched for some funny videos just to relax my mind , there were plenty of those. It felt good after watching these videos . I kept my phone aside and closed my eyes and I was smiling as the videos were really funny.

Wait a minute, Why did I grabbed the phone ? To write or to watch those videos?

I had plenty of good thoughts before I picked up my mobile phone , I was focused on something, I wanted to write, but as soon as I picked up the phone my mind took me to the places which need not to be travelled, all my focus was lost and I was lost myself in that web of www.

Nowadays , this is the challenge. Just to avoid the distraction. This has become the most easily available and difficult to avoid distraction of all times.

Rather than becoming a boon , mobile phones has become a curse , Specially to the young ones who don’t know what they are handling.

Beware of your PHONE!!


A word that merely describes the way of living which bring calmness, positivity and wisdom to your living. But what exactly is meditation.

I have seen Sahaj Yoga and also tried it few times they make you speak few things like I am no soul, I am no body, which intent you get detached from any sort of desires and thereby making you in no-thought condition.

Another technique is to count your breath, again you divert your mind to one point that is counting. So if you can remove everything unwanted from your mind, it gives you immense relaxation and calmness and can also give you wisdom to what to think on. There are numerous such techniques and I might not be aware of each one.

But I feel “no thought” is a myth, even when you are chanting something you are focusing on your Mantra, if you are counting your breath, you are focusing on your counting process. So you can call it ” just one thought state”.

Now imagine yourself doing the work you love, it could be anything like Exercise, swimming, dance, writing, your job, music, sports, reading, or anything you can imagine. If you love doing it, you will always be focused, you forget about the outer world, you forget about your problems, sometimes you forget that your fan is off in midsummer, sometimes you forget that you skipped your lunch. It happened to me a lot many times and I am sure every one of us has experienced it.

Reasons for this focused state may change, when I was preparing for Engineering Entrance I have achieved that state while solving my Physics or Maths Problems, or while I was running on tracks in the school, when I was working in my plant, now while writing. So reasons change and you must find that one reason which can keep you focused, which can keep you calm, which can keep your mind in “one thought condition”.

I call this meditation, and yes those techniques I mentioned earlier are also equally effective and they can be used till you find your one reason. Like Katrina Kaif says “Deep-sea diving is like a meditation for me” in the movie Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara. Find your that one reason.

What do you think??

Just a thought…

Sometimes so many thoughts ponder over your head, everything looks messy, you can’t go ahead

Simple things looks difficult, You can’t even sleep in bed

A ray of light is missing, you’re in despair

You are not alone , it happens with all

We all tear apart , We all feel lost

Don’t be afraid if you descend , We rise after a fall

It’s the dive you are taking, wait for your wings to expand

Calm down , close your eyes , Relax And Give it another shot

Don’t be frightened, Losing is JUST A THOUGHT

Middle Class : The Most Privileged

I must clear one thing at the start of this post, by word “Class” I just want to express the financial position of the individual and nothing else, as it the most widely used word in our society, so I am using it.

So the middle class is the most privileged, this statement might sound confusing to many, as we have to struggle a bit if not much for everything. We have to think of our Emi’s, education expenses for kids, loans, and a lot more.

I even saw some videos and blogs on how the business makes you rich or how you should come out of your mediocre life or simply the videos whose sole motive is to express that one must be wealthy to be happy. Well, that’s not completely wrong but neither it is completely true.

That’s why I said the middle class is the most privileged class of our society, We can easily make our living but need a little effort for taking an extra step, we have all we need and we get some of what we desire. Anyway, desires have no end they always keep growing. That extra little step to get our desire teaches us the value of hard work at the same time it makes us value what we have.

These thoughts of mine make two meaning, it can be quoted as the person who is happy with his comfort zone, who is scared of taking a risk in his life so making excuses to live in his mediocrity or a person who doesn’t desire much and is happy if his basic needs are fulfilled. Well, I don’t mean both.

One must take all the risk chasing his dreams, but dreams must not be money, it should be the things you love doing and believe me you will find lots of those. Money is a byproduct. Sometimes you get it, sometimes you don’t.

You should not be a millionaire who doesn’t have time to dance with his kids.

Even your hobbies and interests leave you one day if you don’t have someone to share the joy and happiness you get from those things.

There was one dialogue in the movie “Chichore” who ever is happy with the tag of loser can leave the room right now. Believe me, I would be the first one to leave not because I would be happy with the tag but just because no one else other then me can give me that tag.

And the other gang who stayed and decided to fight were not wrong either because they were not ready to take the wrong thing from anyone, they decided to prove their point, it matters to them.

So, find out Who are you? What are you? God make all of us different for a reason. You need not be judged by anyone, You should have your purposes you should have your desires.

Drink with a friend, walk with your lover, cooking for your kids, going to places, Climbing a tree I think all these things sound better than being a millionaire.

So millionaire or middle class hardly matters until you know what makes you happy of at least you decide to find out what makes you happy.

I have a few examples that inspired me a lot.

First on was a guy, who doesn’t like to be around people much. He made a treehouse in the jungle lives there, meditate and do whatever he wants and yes he was doing small jobs to make his living.

Other one wanted to see the places around so he just left his house with his backpack, he travels with whatever he gets without money or he just walks, he eats whatever he gets or if someone gives him something for free, he has some basic knowledge of plants which can be eaten . He just travels, he don’t earn and he was travelling for the last 16 months when I saw his video.

Ratan Tata, a billionaire or even more but it doesn’t matters to him, lives a simple life. A philanthropist, a business tycoon, and I don’t even need to tell anything about him.

Sudha Murthy, A philanthropist and extremely disciplined lady, though I never wanted to be like her it’s not my cup of tea . But she loves doing these things, she is so passionate for her work , she is an inspiration.

Prakash Amte, Dedicated his life for a purpose, leprosy patients or animals and tribals of the jungle whoever needs his help, he is there.

The list Is endless, but these gems show us what to focus on and it’s not money.

तू चल के तो देख ।।

तू अंधेरे रास्तों से डरता है, आगे चल के तो देख । घबराता है अनजानी गलियों से, थोड़ा आगे बढ़ के तो देख ।

क्या पता ये रास्ता कहां ले चले, जो सोचा न हो इसी रास्ते पर मिले , मिले कोई हमसफर या कोई याद ही सही, कुछ भी हो खाली हाथ नहीं लौटेगा, थोड़ी हिम्मत कर के तो देख

जो ना किया हो उसे करने का मजा कुछ और है, नई राह चलने का मजा कुछ और है, रंग बहुत है दुनिया में, तू थोड़ा टटोल के तो देख।

हारने का डर मत रखना, गिरने का मलाल मत रखना, कुछ ना कर के यू भी जीने में क्या रखा है, तू कुछ कर के तो देख।

गलती ना हो जाए इसलिए छिप के ना बैठ जाना, गलती करना ही सीखने का पहला कदम है , तू गलती कर के तो देख।

दुनिया वाले तो हर एक से दुखी है, ताने अनसुने कर उनके , खुद के तराने तू लिख के तो देख ।

एक तू ही तो है ।।

इक तू ही तो है मेरे साथ में, एक तू ही तो है। लड़ती झगड़ती अपनी मुश्किलों से , एक तू ही तो है।

पल पल टूटती मेरे लिए , पल पल बिखरती एक तू ही तो है। खुद को समेट समेट मुझे समेटती एक तू ही तो है।

भूल जाती हर दर्द अपना , भूलती है हर परेशानी, देखने वाली सिर्फ मुझे एक तू ही तो है, मेरा चेहरा मुझ से पहले पढ़े तू , अनचाहे डर पालती रहे , मुझे हर पल समझने वाली एक तू ही तो है।

ना चढ़ू मैं मंदिर-मज्जिद , ना मांगू मैं कोई खुदा , मेरा खुदा मेरा इश्क एक तू ही तो है। इक ही मांगू इस खुदा से, साथ तेरा हर पल रहे , लाख गिरे मेरे आंसू ,पोछने तो बस तू रहे।

Wedding, Road Trip & Covid

It’s been more since we all are locked at home, and it’s necessary there is no point in risking life of your loved once. So it’s the same case with us, we were at home and wishing that all this should come to an end as soon as possible.

But my Sister’s (in-law) marriage got fixed, though all of us were super excited but managing this in this pandemic was a big question. All necessary precautions were being taken from the last one year, still we trusted some alternate precautionary medicines and planned a road trip for the function.

Own car is always safer than train or any other means of transportation. So our FIAT was ready for long Nagpur to Gwalior Road Trip.

It was an awesome experience. And for me, Road Trip has always been my favourite. I can drive for hours just want my better half with me, though kids barely let us talk. however, we steal some time when they are sleeping, playing or eating.

Preparation for the trip

Car bed : Best option when travelling with kids, they can sleep, play , jump and they enjoy it most.

Lots of food, colour books and colours, some toys, etc etc etc

Tools, puncture kit, puncture sealant, air pump, charger etc

That’s all I remember!!

And yes lots and lots of luggage as we were going to a wedding.

We started

And as planned we did it in one go! We started at 8:30 am and we were at Gwalior at 09:00 pm. Though it’s not recommended, it’s not very comfortable, and it’s hell tiring but Covid-19 made us do that also I did not want to unload that luggage again, which took me half an hour to load.

I don’t know driving could be boring for some people for me, it’s pure fun, it was 725 km drive, we managed to get a decent mileage of 18.6kmpl with a 1368cc car, driving was at 70-80km/hr speed.

We took 1 lunch break of half an hour, and 7-8 5mins breaks just to relax my shoulders, they just froze when we reached Gwalior. But I think around 350-400km drive is both enjoyable and not very tiring, and that’s what we did on our return journey.

The Wedding

Best, this is the only word which can describe the marriage function. Lots of enjoyment, dance , fun And great food. All was done in view of covid-19 norms with minimal guest , etc

Lots of quality time spent with great people. Lots of golden memories has been created which will last for life time.

And everyone was just packed at their places and got to enjoy after a very long time, so this vacation was very special.


Even after taking all the precaution and preventive care when I returned back I was tested positive for corona virus. Though, I am asymptomatic and just got tested as per the protocol but still this disease in highly infectious and also unpredictable and it’s quite possible that alternate medicines helped me to remain asymptomatic and my family negative.

So, here I am waiting for my quarantine period to end and passing my time writing blogs.

कुछ रिश्ते।।

कुछ रिश्ते मिले अनजाने में, दिल को खुशियां वो दे चले, दस्तक कुछ हुई दिल में , कुछ नए फसाने बन गए।

कौन अपना कौन पराया, दुनिया के रिश्तों से दिल ये ना चले, सुकून जहां मिला इस दिल को, वहीं से एक रिश्ता पले।

कुछ खूबसूरत रिश्ते यू ही बन जाते है, बिना कुछ कहे सुने बरसो के जख्म भर जाते है।

Make it count

Trust your journey , you might get hurted , u might feel devastated .

Have faith, keep smiling, you will also be rewarded .

You will see beautiful palaces, you will meet awsome people.

You might be frustrated, tensed or helpless. In the end you will turn out to be more calmer, relaxed and matured person.

Every question need not to be answered, every battle need not to be fought. Talk to your self, it’s your journey , make it count.