Digitalizing Placements in vocational training Institutes to transform & grow Employment in Blue/Grey Collar Sector

Digitizing Jobs and Digitalizing Placements in Vocational Training Institutes to Transform & Grow Employment in Blue/Grey Collar Sector

In India, there are about 450 million blue-collar workers that work in various manufacturing sectors. They form the backbone of the company. Before covid, no company worked in the direction to skilled them. But when Covid hit the ground, and with the migration of skilled labours, the companies understood the importance of skilling them. It is because they work at the ground companies able to achieve the delivery deadlines.

The spread of Covid- 19 has caused many people to lose their job in the world and India. Among rising unemployment in both formal and informal sectors. Technology acted as an aid to promote remote work culture in the country. Application to very limited sectors promotes connectivity and collaboration between those sectors or industries.

What is blue-collar/grey collar job

The term Blue-collar was launched in 1920 for mining and construction workers, who were darker colour clothes. But today, it has changed to cover all manual labours who have hourly-based compensations.

With the launching of new ecommerce companies like food delivery services, product retailing platforms have created a surge in blue-collar jobs like delivery boys.
On the other hand, grey collar jobs employees’ elderly staff working beyond their retirement age. As these people have extreme work experience, they have great knowledge in their domain and have all the necessary licenses and certificates. They are highly trained and are usually expensive to hire.

As post covid companies cannot find skilled workers, the demand for grey-collar jobs has increased as they are the best substitute for white- and blue-collar job people.

How it is different from each other

There are various factors through which one can differentiate between various collar jobs.

Education – white-collar job people typically require higher education or some professional degrees like bachelor’s or Master’s degrees. In contrast, a blue-collar person has done vocational training or apprenticeship to begin their career. A higher-paid blue-collar person may also have a certain certificate or technical skill. A grey-collar person has more experience than white and blue-collar as they are working after retirement.

Work setting – this means the nature of the job that one needs to perform at its workplace. A white-collar person has a neat and clean job, usually sitting in an air-conditioned office or office performing their job on a computer without any physical activity. On the other hand, blue-collar people are the backbone of any industry. They work on the floor like a delivery boy, warehouse management, etc., while a grey-collar job is between white-collar and blue-collar.

Roles and responsibilities – A white-collar person, generally perform duties in a clerical position, whereas a blue-collar person is labour that needs to operate machinery, vehicle, or equipment. A blue-collar job requires a more skilled and expertized person. A grey collar job is often in a high position like top management or supervisor etc.

What is the pay scale of blue/grey collar job?

Usually, white-collar job pay is more when compared to a blue-collar person and is less than a grey-collar job, but it varies from situation to situation.

For example, any job that requires a person with a high set of skills will have a higher pay scale than a white-collar job.

In India, the average salary for a white-collar job varies from 11000 to 23000 every month, whereas, for a blue-collar person, the figure of the gross pay scale is 167388, which equivalents to 80 rupees per hour.

How people get their dream job?

If you are looking for some lucrative career options, then you have to be focused and proactive. Today the world has changed a lot. People don’t need hard workers but require smart workers. One more thing that to be kept in mind that you should never get distorted at your failure.

You can opt for the following methods to hunt your dream job:

● Draw a job hunt strategy – Rome was not built in a day; this is the core mantra for a dream job hunt. You will have to take several steps to land your dream job finally. Do proper research about the job/sectors, find out networks, and indulge yourself in the process of making yourself ready for the job.
● Networking – this is a very important part of one’s career. The right referrals and recommendations always help you to land up in a better position. Maintain a healthy relationship with your boss and senior, attend various seminars and events, expand your social reach.
● Use Social Media – these days, and companies do not depend upon a single channel for recruiting. Rather they use multiple social media channels also. One of the most popular professional social media is LinkedIn. You can use this channel to get in touch with persons at your dream company who can help you land a job.

Why people are not getting their job easily.

If you find it hard to land up a job, you need to evaluate your application because as you may be lacking somewhere. Here are some popular reasons that may be stopping you from getting a dream job.
● You are not proactive – This means that you want your dream job, but you are not putting any effort into finding a lead for the job. If so, then you have to be proactive in your search. As explained earlier, develop strategies.
● Lack of passion – The majority of people do not like their job are you one of them, always apply for the job that excites you because one can learn and upgrade skill, but there is no mean from where one can develop passion it is natural and has to come from inside.
● Don’t sell yourself – There is a very fine line between confidence and being cocky. It would help if you always tried to be within that line.

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What is the digitalizing job?

Digitalizing job means creating more and more digital jobs. Before Covid -19, unemployment in India was rising, and it was worsened due to the impact of Covid. India being home to 700+ million internet user has utilized this situation in various digitalizing jobs. Further rise of cloud computing data science has strengthened remote workplace culture in the country.

Today from FMCG to supply chain logistics to steel plants, all are operating with work from Home concept with the help of technology. During this period, we have witnessed tremendous growth in the e-commerce sector. At this time, India has more than 1 lac registered e-commerce website that operates in 25% of different business niches.

Even local store, retailers, and the manufacturer have their digital presence, which has created more and more jobs in this digital world.

Benefits of digitalization job

● Increase in marketing ideas and sales boost up.
● Information accessibility
● Simple and hassle-free communication skills
● Quick and easy information sharing
● Opportunity for new jobs
● Higher competition between industry
● Improvement in the education system
● Collaborative culture creation.
● Remote access for employees
● Cost-effectiveness with better customer experience.
● Hire good talent and retain the old one


How to Keep Children Happy during Covid times?
For many of us, COVID-19 has revolutionized the way we work. Some see the benefits of working remotely, but when kids go off to college or a library or museum closes, it can be difficult to take on both roles directly. What can moms and dads do? These questions come up often from two developmental psychologists who are trying to figure out how to teach and play with teens. Here are some simple ways to help foggers and caregivers of children under 10 keep their jobs and their sanity.
1. Children need routines
In daycare and school, children know what to expect. At home, the problems are less obvious. By dictating a rough daily schedule, children can get to business meetings and still find time to play. However, breakfast should be eaten in the morning and there is nothing wrong with getting a little extra sleep.
2. Do you put your child on the door net?
Disney+ is very appealing, but the evidence on the benefits and harms of screen time for young people is mixed. The younger the child, the more you need to limit screen time. Except for video chat shows, experts recommend no screen time before age two. To find the best option for children ages three and up, Common Sense Media is a good place to start.
3. Inspire your inner artist.
Younger children can draw and older children can watch a movie and see how the craft is made. What story does your child have to tell? She now has the opportunity to become the creator and illustrator of her guide. Does she have a favorite character from the TV show? Let her become a cartoonist. Taking a humanities course also allows you to develop your cognitive and social skills.
4. Get into music
Music is a real skill booster in all the basic control functions such as thinking, memory, and impulse control. Music is also linked to learning math. If you pour water into a bottle and blow it on it, it will make a sound. And every time you change the water level, the sound gets louder and louder. We try to combine science and music. Clap your hands in rhythm. Can your child maintain a gentle rhythm?
5. Why not walk around the neighborhood in your backyard?
Many wonderful things are lurking out there that you may not have noticed before. Plus, your kids will get a chance to breathe fresh air, get an education and connect with nature.
6. Performances
According to the analysis, the theater also contributes to the education of young people. Younger children can act out a lion, tiger, or bear. Older children can take something from the costume box (or from your closet) and make their gifts.
7. Explore the world.
Choose a topic that interests you and analyze it collectively online. Travel around the world using Google Avenue View. Explore science experiments on YouTube. Watch movies about animals in their natural habitat.
8. When schedules get tough, grandparents can pick up the slack.
In the age of FaceTime, this can be done by having grandparents draw, learn, sing or create puppet shows with their children. With advances in technology, teens and grandparents can travel almost anywhere in the world, to museums or symphony orchestras.
9. Informing kids – but in a simple way
“Communicating what’s going on to teens transparently and inexpensively is one of the easiest ways to help them understand,” says Rachel Busman, a medical psychologist at Small Minds Institute. Keep in mind, however, that kids don’t need to know everything.
For example, my two-year-old daughter Alice used to see her grandparents often, but now we keep our distance to keep everyone safe. When she asks, we talk. We haven’t had a chance to see Grandma and Grandpa this week, but we will soon!” We don’t talk. We have to stay away from Grandma and Grandpa or they might make us sick.
10. Interaction with children
Young children can also be anxious about daily changes, even if they don’t understand the details, and they may notice that others around them are feeling anxious and upset. Keep in regular contact with your teenager and ask about any concerns they may have.
Children who are more likely to throw tantrums than usual, who behave defiantly and uncontrollably, may be suffering from anxiety. Try to set aside quiet time to gently listen to their feelings and respond to their outbursts in a calm, consistent and soothing manner.
11. Calm down and get help
If there is a partner in the family, agree to discuss custody of the children with him or her. This is especially important if one or both of you work at home and have young children. This way, everyone can take a break and relax.
Everyone can and should be involved. Give the job to children of an appropriate age. For example, teenagers can help their younger siblings when their mother and father are at work. Most teens can help set the table, clean the common areas, wash the dishes or take out the trash. Even toddlers can learn to pick out their toys. Teamwork keeps the whole family busy and ensures that no one (the mother) is overwhelmed.
Remember, it’s no cost and you can do it yourself. We all want to be better parents, but the best of us are usually the ones who insist on “going for it” when their child wants to spend more time on the iPad. As I write this, my daughter is watching Elmo’s World. She is probably drawing on the wall.
For families trying to combine college and work, the house is often crowded. With a little ingenuity and flexibility, moms, dads, and grandparents can enrich this volatile time. Looking ahead, I would say that everyone’s academic potential is revealed in tough times.


When I was young, I loved to write about anything in my leisure time. My mother was always with me. She supports my desires so that I can be a writer in every possible way. On the other hand, she always encourages me to write at the beginning. It will make me feel happy all time.

My passion is not only writing for teenagers but also children in every aspect. Writing should be the best way to express profound affection and emotion towards your loved ones, friends, and parents. You can execute your goal through creative writing. Even, it has given me a great platform where I can share my views regarding several subjects. Through this platform, I have got many people who have a similar interest in this matter like me. In other words, I wanted to showcase my writing skill through different writing platforms like Facebook, Linked In, and Instagram.
I can easily say that my mother is my inspiration in my life and she motivates me to write regarding various topics so that I can be a professional writer in nature. I try to give my level best so that readers like my write-up and style.

After marriage, I turned my passion into my profession. When I became a mother, I loved to spend my time with my kid to keep active myself. In the digital era, I have to start writing like before. I have started sharing my thoughts with people who wish to amplify modern writing skills. I have received much appreciation from my seniors as well as my well-wishers are my regular readers in my blog. I have been almost four years in this respective field.
I have written on various niches like travel, digital marketing, government portal, fashion, education, web design, health, lifestyle, cryptocurrency, adult, anime series, product description, press release, and website content. Off late; I am writing on the rural children life who cannot afford a good school and can’t because they do have not enough money to pursue their dreams due to financial problems. Most of their parents engage themselves with small industries as labour. I can make sure that they will learn a new language if they read my articles till the end. They will get knowledge and idea from my article that will help them to achieve their goal.
They will reach heights through tireless hard work. When I write, try to focus on their development as well as their upliftment in society. Besides, I have attended many events and workshops on creative writing and meet with some expert writers. In addition to that, writing gives me positive energy and feeling. For that reason, I can move forward with my goal. I have to follow a new trend of writing so that I can represent myself as a good writer and hope, the young generation will like my style of writing to get valuable information for the future.



ICICI is a multinational bank that gives its services all over the world. It provides banking services, loan finance, insurance, wealth management, capital, locker, credit card, debit card, prepaid card etc. It revenue is Rs 149,786.10 in 2020.

The bank is in a perfect position today to serve the market. It is good going forward. Share price increases 15000 cr that is a good sign. Now the price of shares is Rs 358. The floor price of ICICI is set at Rs 351.

Subsidiaries bank of ICICI:-

ICICI has many branches in India. It has overseas departments for foreign services. They give services in Hong Kong, united kingdom, Singapore, Bahrain, Katar Dubai, china and south Africa.


The bank has been working since 1994 for the country. It is mainly established for industrial development. It gives finance to the industrial sector. Deliver service like investment banking, mortgage loan, credit card debt, card prepaid, card insurance locker room, instant loan and many more. Now it also gives their service in other countries.

There are steps for buying the shares of ICICI bank

1. Hire a broker:-

Ordinary people can not buy the share directly. Only the members of the stock market can buy or sell the shares. The members of The stock exchange are called a broker. They buy a share on behalf of you. It would help if you also mentioned that the broker is also registered from India’s security exchange board.

2. Demat account is compulsory:-

Earlier, the share certificates are store physically, but in the digital age, it is no more. Today the data is stored in your Demat account in digital form. Demat means dematerialised account.

All the certificates will show in your Demat account in digital form.

3. PAN card:-

Pan card refers to a permanent account number. It is compulsory to have for taxation. It is a ten-digit number that includes the alphabet and numbers.

PAN card is essential in every place:-

• In banks for transactions over 50000

• In the job

• For the income tax return file.

• For opening bank account

• For buying or selling property

4. UIN :-

A UIN is needed to buy or sell a share. It provides a unique number. UIN refers to a unique identity number. An investor who invests more than 100000 has a UIN number for this.


Introduction To The IPL 2021

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has founded the Indian Premier League in 2008 which is popularly known as the Twenty20 tournament. Indian Premier League is a series of 20 over matches that each team has to play 20 over from both sides. There are at present eight teams that represent 8 famous cities of India to participate.

In this tournament, the owners of all the teams select the players in the Indian Premier League through the IPL auction. In this auction the owners of the team bid on each Indian and overseas player. Every day more than 411 million viewers watch live IPL matches that make the IPL the world-famous tournament. This results in increased brand value of the Indian Premier League every year.

In IPL only four overseas players are allowed to play and the rest of all 11 are Indians. The total number of matches to be played is 56 that is the total of eight teams that play with the other team twice. The top four teams who have the maximum numbers to qualify are ranked as the playoff.

In this article, we have presented detailed information about the IPL 2021 about its venue, timing, team players, etc. The 15 edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL)is ready to evaluate the launch in the cricketing loop with its glamour and charm in the coming month.

Sponsors For The IPL 2021

For Vivo IPL 2021 Indian Premier League, Star Sports who is the official broadcaster of the match has signed with 14 sponsors. The broadcasting group has announced their list of sponsors for the league who 0were :

Dream 11, Byjuis, Phone Pe, Kamla Pasand, Just Dial, AMF 1, BINGO, Foorti, Thumbs Up, Asian Paints, Mondelez, Amazon Prime, Vodafone – Idea and Grow.

Tata Motors along with their newly
Tata Safari has also confirmed their sponsorship with the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) for the upcoming Vivo IPL 2021.

The various brands who have sponsored the league will have the opportunity to take full advantage to have increased engagement with their customers. The sponsored brand had awaited the most loved Cricket tournament to capitalize their profit and popularity.

Teams Playing For The IPL 2021

1. Chennai Super Kings

The players of the team:

Ms. Dhoni
Fa Fdu Plessis
Ruturaj Gaikwad
Suresh Raina
Ambati Rayudu
N Jagadeesan
Robin Uthappa
Ambati Rayudu
Sam Curran
Karn Sharma
R sai Kishore
Mitchell Santner
Imran Tahir
Deepak Chahar
Shardul Thakur
Lungi Ngidi
KM Asif
Krishnappa Gautham
Chesteshwar Pujara
Harishankar Reddy
Bhagath Varma

2. Delhi Capitals

The players of the team:

Shreyas Iyer
Rishabh Pant
Prithvi Shav
Ajinkya Rankine
Shikhar Dhawan
Ishant Sharma
Anrich Nortje
Kagiso Rabada
Pravin Dubey
Lalith Yadav
Amit Mishra
Axar Patel
Ravichandra Ashwin
Chris Workers
Marcus Stoninis
Shimron Hetmyer
Steve Smith
Umesh Yadav
Vishnu Vinod
Lukman Meriwala
Tom Curran
Sam Billings

3. Kolkata Knight Riders

The players of the team:

Eoin Morgan
Prasidh Krishna
Shivam Mavi
Lockie Ferguson
Kuldeep Yadav
Sunil Narine
Dinesh Karthik
Rahul Tripathi
Tim Seifert
Shubaman gill
Karun Nair
Ben cutting
Pawan Negi
Nitish Rana
Sandeep Warrier
Kamlesh Nagarkoti
Pat Cummins
Varun Chakravarthy
Rinku Singh
Shakib Al Hasan
Sheldon Jackson
Venkatesh Iyer

4. Mumbai Indians

The players of the team:

Rohit Sharma
Aditya Tare
Anukul Roy
Chris Lynn
Anmol Preet Singh
Dhawal Kulkarni
Hardik Pandya
Ishan Kulkarni
Jayant Yadav
Jasprit bumrah
Marco Jansen
Mohsin Khan
Quinton De Kock
Tent Boult
Suryakumar Yadav
Saurab Tiwary
Rahul Chahar
Arjun Tendulkar
Jimmy Neesham
Adam Milne

5. Punjab Kings

The Players of the team:

KL Rahul
Ishan Porel
Nicholas Pooran
Mohammed Shami
Mandeep Singh
Chris Jordan
Harpreet Brar
Darshan nalkande
Jhye Richardson
Shahrukh khan
Moises Henriques
Utkarsh Singh
Saurabh Kumar
Sarfaraz khan
Ravi Bishnoi
Arshdeep Singh
Dawid Malan
Riley Meredith
Jalaj Saxena
Fabian Allen
Deepak Hooda
Sarfaraz khan

6. Royal Challengers Bangalore

The players of the team:

Virat Kohli
AB de Villers
Adam Zampa
Devdutt Padikkal
Josh Philippe
Kane Richard Son
Muhammed Siraj
Navdeep Saini
Pavan Deshpande
Shabaz Ahmed
Washington Sundar
Yuzvebdra Chahal
Daniel Sams
Harshal Patel
Glen Maxwell
Sachin Baby
Rajat Patidar
Mohammed Azharuddin
Kyle Jamieson
Ks Bharat

7. Rajasthan Royals

The players of the team:

Sanju Samson
Andrew tye
Anuj Rawat
Ben Stokes
David Miller
Jaydev Unad kat
Jos Butter
Karthik Tyagi
Mahipal lomror
Manan Vohra
Rahul tewatia
Riyan Parag
Shreyas Gopal
Yashasvi Jaiswal
Shivam Dube
Chris morris
Chetan Sakariya
Kc Cari Apa
Liam Livingstone
Kuldip Yadav
Akash Singh

8. Sunrisers Hyderabad

The players of the team:

Abdul Samad
David warner
Abhishek Sharma
Basil Thampi
Jason Holder
Jonny Bairstow
Shahbaz Nadeem
T Natarajan
Virat Singh
Jaga Deesha Suchith
Kedar Jadhdev
Mujeeb Ur Rahman
Kane Williamson
Manish Pandey
Mitchell marsh
Mohammad Nabi
Priyam Garg
Rashid khan
Sandeep Sharma
Vijay Shankar
Wriddiman Saha
Khaleel Ahmed

IPL Timings

Vivo IPL 2021 will start on April 9 in Chennai with the strong clash between Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore. The Match will be hosted in the world’s largest cricket stadium which is Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. This Stadium will also host the playoff as well as the final match. The BCCI is very much confident of hosting the IPL to home country India with the proper safety measures and following all the protocols of covid-19 for the safety of the players as well as the people involved.

Venues Set For The IPL

IPL Venue
M. Chinnaswamy Stadium
Arun Jaitley Stadium
Narendra Modi Stadium
Wankhede Stadium
M.A Chidambaram Stadium

IPL Matches Criteria

The BBC has laid down the basic norms for Indians under 19 players who are willing to play in the 2021 IPL.

The player must be registered with the state association.

The player must have played at least one match in first-class cricket or List A cricket.

The players must be born after 1 April 2002

Playoff Process

In cricket, no other sports event is as popular as the Indian Premier League. All the teams play the matches in a Round Robin layout in which each team plays 14 matches. In this way, Individually the team plays with every other team in the Spat twice. The left four teams which stand at the top four positions at the last of this League stage appear to be the IPL playoffs. The four teams ranking is directed by the following norms :

The team which has won the maximum matches in the league 2021 will be placed in the top position.

If in any case there is a tie between two teams based on equal win plus equal runs then the team with the highest net run rate will be ranked top.

If this does not work and still the teams are at equal then the team which has scored the highest wickets will be at the top position.

Then lastly if the matter is not sorted the position of the team is set up by the drawing lots.

Where To Watch IPL Match 2021 Online
Cricket is not just a game for Indians but an emotion

No matter what part of the world you are in. The IPL 2021 live streaming is available on your mobile.
And with the arrival of IPL 2021, here we are to tell you on which platform you can stream online.

The most famous 15th edition of the Indian Premier League IPL will be finally happening in India. Disney plus Hotstar has the rights for the streaming of the IPL 2021. It will be live-streamed on this platform.

Broadcasting Rights For The IPL 2021.

The Vivo IPL 2021 will be screened live on the Star Sports network in various languages from April 9, 2020. The IPL 2021 will also be streaming on Disney plus Hotstar. Vivo IPL 2021 is back on the board. The tournament will be streaming live for 2 months.

Chana Shengdana Masala

Well, this was the experimental recipe and it turned out to be awesome.
1) chana – soak overnight – 2 bowls
2)kasuri methi – 1 bowl
3) shengdana/ mungfali dana 1.5 bowl
4) Patna mirchi 4 large size
5) 2 onion, 2 tomato, small ginger piece, 7-8 cloves of garlic, kali miri 2 spoons.
6 ) khade masale- dagad fool, dalchini small, elaychi -2, ten patta small, dry lal mirch 1.
7) masala- garam masala, dhaniya powder, amchur, lal mirch, kadhi patta, haldi powder.
Method :
In the mixer : Slit onions in 4 pieces, tomatoes as well, kali mirch, ginger, garlic, shengdana. And mix well. Add some water and mix again, mixture will turn out to be pink in colour.
Take some oil in pan, add some rai, let it splitter, add all kadhi patta, elyachi hand grinded, add kasuri methi, add all khada masala.
After some time add chopped patna mirchi. Saute for some time then add the masala from mixer and close the lid. Cook for 5 minutes. You can smell the nice aroma of masalas.
Add other masala : dhaniya powder, haldi, amchur powder, lal mirch, garam masala and cook for some more time
Chana should be cooked in cooker for 10 whistles, Add cooked chana in pan. Cook well for 4-5 minutes. Garnish with coriander…

Facts about West Bengal

Fact about west Bengal

West Bengal is the fourth most populous state in India. It is bordered by the countries of Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and the Indian states of Orissa, Jharkhand, Bihar, Sikkim, and Assam. West Bengal encompasses two board natural regions. The Gangetic plain in the south and the sub-Himalayan and Himalayan area in the north.
The capital of West Bengal is Kolkata. Kolkata is also known as ‘city of joy”, “city of palaces”. Famous tourist spots in Kolkata are Victoria Memorial, Jorasanko Thakur Bari, and Indian museum, Alipur zoo, town hall, Raj Bhaban, marble palace, fort William, St. Cathedral and many more.
Six seasons make the year in Bengal, and we are in the habit of witnessing the changes in nature following one after another. Durga puja is one of the most famous festivals celebrated in the Indian states of West Bengal, Bihar, Assam, is the best puja all over the is mainly celebrated in September or October.
West Bengal is a state which has many religions like Hinduism, Christian, Islam, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhs. West Bengal offers its visitors a matchless geographical variety. This area is known as a tourist’s paradise. It includes sea beaches, museums, hill areas, religious centers, historical places, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, etc.

The major agricultural producer West Bengal is the sixth-largest contributor to Indian’s net domestic product. West Bengal is noted for its cultural activities and presence of cultural and educational institutions, the state capital Kolkata is known as the ‘cultural capital of India. ‘Agriculture is the main source of economy. It is the largest producer of rice in the country. Rice is the staple food.
The Ganges is the main river that drives in west branch enters Bangladesh as the Padma, while the other flows through West Bengal as the Bhagirathi River and Hooghly River. The farakkaa barrage over the Ganges feeds the Hooghly branch of the river by a feeder canal, and its water flow management has been a source of lasting dispute between India and Bangladesh. The Teesta, torso, jaldhaka, and Mahananda Rivers are in the northern hilly region .the western plateau region has rivers such as the Damodar, Ajay, and kongsabati.
Basic fact of West Bengal:
West Bengal was set up in 1956.
The population of the state is almost 10 crore.
The percentage of the rural population is 68.13 and the percentage of urban population is 31.87.
Population density is 1028
The child sex ratio of West Bengal is 956.
42 seats in Lok Sabha West Bengal and there are 16 seats in Rajya Sabha of West Bengal.
The main high court of the state is the Calcutta High court. The total number of districts is 23.
Child sex ratio 950 power 1000 males and the literacy rate of the state is 76.26 %.
Total district of this state is 23
The most populous district of West Bengal is north 24 pagans and the largest district is south 24 Parganas.
Administrative divisions of West Bengal right Jalpaiguri division, Bardhhaman division, and presidency division.
There are 16 National highways in the states.
The language mostly used in West Bengal is Bengali.

First in West Bengal:

First governor: Chakravarti Rajagopalachari.
First female governor: Padmaja Naidu.
First chief minister of West Bengal: Prafulla Chandra Ghose.
First female chief minister: Mamta Banerjee.
First university: University in Kolkata.
In other words, there are some state symbols in West Bengal. Now we are going to describe the state symbols of West Bengal.
State animal: fishing cat
It is our state animal of West Bengal. Native people of West Bengal call it baghrol or maachbagha.
State bird: white-throated Kingfisher
The scientific name of the Kingfisher is Halcyon smyrnensis. Other hands it is also known as white-breasted Kingfisher. Can be seen well from water. It feeds small reptiles, amphibians crabs, and birds also.
State tree: charm or devil
It is the state tree of West Bengal its scientific name is Alstonia scholaris. The average height is up to 100 meters. It uses for some effective medicines.
State flower: night flowering Jasmine
This flower is the state symbol of West Bengal and it is is very important for women pathetic and ayurvedic medicines.
The folk dance is formed from the native place of West Bengal. West Bengal is renowned for its beauty and culture.
Rabindra Nritya: eminent poet Rabindranath Tagore has created this dance form for the younger generation.
Chhau dance: this dance is also known as the traditional dance form of native place in West Bengal. When dancers perform on this form, they use masks.
Tusu Parab dance: distance from is the pivotal obstruction of Makar Sankranti festival which is a vital festival of West Bengal and it is a seasonal dance and dancers perform on this form in the Mamta Paush.

Wildlife is an essential and integral part of nature. The wild birds, animals, insects, and reptiles help to maintain a balance in nature and conversation of the environment. West Bengal has 3.26% of its geographical area under protected areas comprising 15 wildlife sanctuaries and 5 national parks-Sundarbans national park, buxa tiger reserve, Gorumara national park Neora valley national park, Singalila national park.
Renowned personalities from the film industry of West Bengal.
Uttam Kumar:
He was a versatile actor he was born in 1926 to a middle-class family in Kolkata his original name was Arun Kumar Chatterjee. He performed define kinds of roles in a film. Uttam -Suchitra combination became a legendary name.
Acclaimed for his performance of movie ‘Nayak ‘which is directed by Satyajit Ray, eminent film director.
Mithun Chakraborty:
His original name is gurango Chakraborty and he received three National Film Awards in his life.he started his career as an actor after that he acted in different types of roles in real life like social worker producer and the Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament.
Hemanta Mukhopadhyay:
He was a veteran and famous singer of Bengal. On the other hand, he was a music director and film producer of Bengal.

cotton fabric


Cotton fabric manufacturer
Are you thinking about buying upholstery in your home? Why are waiting for? Selecting a good cotton fabric is not always easy.
Although buying a cotton fabric is no uphill task if you take into account the abundance of products on the market, buying the right product for someone can be a little tricky.
Choosing the best cotton fabric manufacturer will help you to find out the best cotton fabric and saves your money and time also.
If you are planning on buying the best cotton fabric, then it would be valuable for you to know that dedicated product options are catering to this requirement.
Omkar Trendz is the best cotton fabric manufacturer in Surat. Why choose this company:
Omkar Trendz has been providing quality based services towards clients over the years. They have dedicated young, dynamic, and enthusiastic people who are curious to adopt the latest technologies for growing their business. They are not only cotton fabric manufacturers, but they are suppliers also and they export 100% cotton fabric as well as grey fabric also.
The term “cotton” has been derived from the Arabic word. Cotton is a fluffy, soft, and natural fibre and it has been found during Indus valley civilization. Cotton is used for fabric from ancient times. In general, cotton fabric is extensively used for cloth. There are different types of fabric and cotton is one of them.
Varieties of cotton fabric:
There are several varieties of cotton fabric like short-staple cotton, long-staple cotton, extra-long-staple cotton, Pima cotton, Egyptian cotton, Supima cotton.
Short staple cotton: This cotton fabric used for its softness, strength, and it is used to make denim jeans. It is recognized as upland cotton.
Long-staple cotton: This cotton fabric is more crucial because it has first-class features like wrinkle-free, durable, and fadeless.
Extra-long staple cotton: Nowadays, this cotton fabric useful for its resistance, long-lasting and it is almost longer than regular cotton.
Pima cotton: This cotton fabric is original soft fabric and most of the luxurious apparel brands use this cotton fabric around the world.
Egyptian cotton: This cotton fabric is the second most 100% original cotton following Pima cotton. Anyone can handpick this for its highest standard as well as purity in every aspect of materials.
Supima cotton: This is the superior quality of cotton fabric and people choose this for its long-lasting quality and softness.
Where you can use this?
There are many places where cotton fabric is used like the apparel industry, upholstery, food industry, cosmetic industry, pharmaceutical sector, and others sector also. On the other hand, it is used in the home as well as its seeds are used to make oil, rubbers, margarine also. It has high demands in today’s life and the demand for this has been increasing day by day among people.


Cotton is easy to use and comfortable all year round and it can absorb and release moisture in all seasons. It helps to generate body temperature and it has various uses in different fields. It will keep you warm in winter and cool in hot weather. Even, it gives you comfortless. It can easily shrink all time. Natural cotton has hypoallergenic features, that’s why people choose this in every technical aspect.
Organic cotton:
Organic cotton is better than regular cotton because it is made from natural seed and no chemicals are used on it. It does not damage when it grows naturally. Even, it requires more rain rather than irrigation. It is soft and it helps to remove skin irritation. On the other hand, it has abundant absorbent power and it is used in the agricultural sector. It retains the condition of soil and ecosystem.
Blends of fabric:
There are different types of fabric like polyester, cotton, linen, silk, leather, velvet, etc. These have many advantages like polyester is mixed with others easily, silk is fragile and it is expensive for cleaning because of it does not catch dirty item, cotton prevents pilling and for elegant looks, leather can be a good fabric for every household and they prefer it because of its softness and high durability as well as long-lasting materials. In most of the cases, blending cotton with other linen, you can get strong properties of the fabric. For this reason, it will increase the durability and resistance power of new fabric. It will help to give you a cool feeling and cotton can be washed easily and cotton and polyester blends will provide you long-lasting comfort. If you are looking washable cotton curtain, you have to check all rules and regulations of this company before buying the products.
Cotton fabric is not flame resistant but some synthetic fibre is flame resistant and cotton is waterproof breathable fabrics and it allows to penetrate water there easily.
Advantage and disadvantage of cotton upholstery fabric:
o It is breathable and comfortable.
o It can control moisture.
o It has stain resistance and it gives a cool feel.
o Easy to use and washable.
o It retains colour and it drapes well.
o It is not wrinkle-free
o If we wear it continuously, it loses its brightness because it is a natural fabric.
o On the other hand, it is more expensive than other fabrics.
One stop solution: Omkar Trendz
We at Omkar Trendz, cotton fabric manufacturer, are offering a variety of upholstery materials which is related to cotton fabric and we have dedicated team who are expert in their respective field and you can choose directly colour, design, styles, and texture as well and they will help you to set the budget. We are here to choose the best cotton fabric materials for your home use. We support you round the clock and we have many options where you can get a different variety of this and we try to retain the reputation of our company for providing the best quality services to our trustworthy clients. We have a good reputation in the market of Surat region.

natural fabric

Natural fabric manufacturer
When you will choose the best sofa natural fabric items for your sofa, it is very crucial to consider each of the attributes of the materials and you have to keep in mind a word that you wish for having your lavish lifestyle.
If you are looking for the best sofa natural fabric manufacturer, then this is the product you should buy. Peoples demand has been ever-changing and they prefer to see different varieties of natural fabric before buying any products. However, it provides a cool feeling and people like to buy natural fabric products because of its softness.
In today’s competitive world, searching for a good natural fabric manufacturer can be a tough task for anyone.
“woven fabric company” is one of the leading natural fabric manufacturer, based in Mumbai. They are not the only manufacturer, but they are suppliers also. This firm is involved in retail and wholesale of different types of natural fabrics like cotton, silk, linen, wool, leather, etc.
“woven fabric company” is providing a range of branded and sophisticated upholstery items throughout the Mumbai region and they have been running their journey more than one decade and we wish our clients to get the best experience not only quality work but also cost- efficiency and we provide an economically sound solution.
At first, one question comes in mind that what type of fabric is used to make your clothes, and nowadays, people are being attached to it and they have become fashion conscious.
In addition to that, organic fabric plays a crucial role in this field. Moreover, the clothes are made from different types of natural fabric viz cotton, silk, polyester, etc.
There is plenty of natural fabric and it is essential for not only the textile industry but also the upholstery sector. However, it has its traits and almost all types of natural fabric are used for all purposes.
Types of natural fabric:
Natural fibres are also called as natural fabric. There are different types of natural fabric like cotton, silk, polyester, jute, linen, etc. which are as follows:
• Cotton: Cotton is widely used for cloth and it is mixed with synthetic fibres and makes strong blended fibre and it will help to increase the durability of the products.
• Linen: This natural fabric is used for decoration of the home. It can resist light.
• Silk: It is the most durable natural fabric than others and it does not hold dirty things.
• Leather: This natural fabric gives an elegant look of people and people prefer it most of the time for its classy traits. However, it is strong and smooth also.
• Wool: It is the fabric acquired from sheep and other animals. It has high absorbency and elasticity.
• Jute: It is a natural fabric and it obtains from plants and it is also known as golden fibre.
How natural fabrics are processed?
We all know that this natural fabric is obtained from trees, animals and plants. It can be used in several fields like the textile industry, upholstery, medical sector as well as the industrial sector.
It has an impact on the environment and it can easily renewable and natural fabrics can be found in every shop. Without hampering environment, it can grow naturally.
With the rapid growth in the world of technology and computer, the textile industry has become a top industry around the Globe. In today’s web world, people are becoming conscious about what they buy and where it comes from.
Why choose natural fabric for upholstery?
Anyone can choose any natural fabric for his or her for using upholstery furnishing. Some fabric shows casual as well as formal also. You can select any fabric materials after showing your colours and size of your room.
The smart look of this sofa can attract the attention of your friends and you can be applauded for choosing good quality fabric for your upholstery. This sofa is made with good quality natural fabric materials like linen, cotton, polyesters which increase the durability of this product.
The material of this product enhances the utility of this. Hence, it can be chosen as the best buying sofa among other products available in the market. Cotton, leather, and wool are the most durable natural fabric for upholstery furniture.
Pros and cons of natural fabric:
• Natural fabric is easy to clean and breathable.
• Bamboo enhances soil texture and it is pest resistant.
• Hence, natural fabric is renewable and it sustains the environment also.
• We can easily say that it is biodegradable and it has the power of heat resistance.
• On the other hand, the processing cost is very low.
• It is not harmful and it is comfortable
• Natural fabric is expensive.
• It shrinks roughly.
• It burns easily.
• It is highly flammable.
Why you choose woven fabric company for fabric:
“Woven Fabric Company” has become a commercial hub for all business needs and we support all our expert designers round the clock and we have the most reliable and skilled labours who create all items with a befitting manner.
We are a well-known firm for durability, good quality, fine stitches, excellent fittings and we create innovative ideas for designing any kind of product. However, our skilled designers use the best methods to design the upholstery furniture as well as apparel.
Give us your ideas and we will make it happen for you. We are accessible on mobile, WhatsApp, emails 24*7. In other words, we are flexible with time, money, and the number of revisions required.
Customers will get natural fabric products at cost-effective prices. In case, you have been looking to purchase the best sofa natural fabric materials manufacturers, contact this company at 08048762908. I would suggest you buy natural fabric upholstery products from “woven fabric company” because this firm promises the trust, reliability, and durability of the products, quality to the customers.

online class verses offline class

Online coaching classes -is it effective like offline classes
Offline learning classes are not isolated socially at a time. Even, students feel getting bored with their fixed schedule. Teachers help them to clarify all doubts related to their subject.
They did not get much time for preparation. The teachers stay long-time in the classroom to guide students. The teachers aim is to deliver all their knowledge to students and they try to solve all students’ queries step by step.
However, teachers exchange their views and points with students so that they can understand the subject properly. Online classes are expensive than offline coaching classes.
As a student, if you want to start online classes, you have to take an internet connection at your home. Sometimes, students feel bored with their fixed schedule of learning. They prefer to join an online class for flexible time. However, students get a lot of time for preparation.
There are many pros and cons of online and offline classes. Let’s have a look at these:
Online classes:
• Flexible with times.
• Students will get a lot of time before sending it.
• Having good internet access, students will not feel bored.
• Learner oriented environment.
• It is expensive as of now. Most of the students cannot afford it.
• It isolates communication between students.
Offline classes:
• Students give focus on their studies.
• Teachers would pay a lot of attention to students.
• It helps to build a strong relationship between teachers and students.

• Offline classes are not flexible with time.
• Students could not get a chance to know regarding the advanced technology of learning.
When you start your study, you might face the problem. With hands-on training, teachers shall do support to you for achieving goals and you can get anything which you will expect.