Blood in Need.

This is a thanks giving post .

During the birth of my daughter, everything was going well but suddenly happiness turns into tensions as we got to know the child’s ICT test came positive. It’s an indirect Coombs test. Not going into technicalities we were told that at the time of birth baby may need to have multiple blood transfusion as she was getting anaemic, and only blood which is given to newborns is o-ve. This is when this organization Blood in Need came to our rescue.

As the name suggests Blood in need arranges blood for the needy people, most importantly they don’t charge anything, u get blood for free. And they work all over India.. this organization is run by Narendra Nath Maharaj trust.

I just wanted to thank them for this noble cause, they have arranged blood for my daughter and wife, though later it was not required and both of them were fine. Thanks to the excellent doctor’s of Nagpur Dr Ketkar Madam(gynaecologist) and team, Dr Mahajan(paediatrician), Dr.Neelam chanjjad(high-risk pregnancy specialist), Dr Pophli(CIIHO) CANCER Specialist- because in his guidance blood transfusion was avoided. And All the Blood in Need team.

I request everyone to donate blood as it is the thing which can not be created, can not be made, it can only be donated.

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