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Digitalizing Placements in vocational training Institutes to transform & grow Employment in Blue/Grey Collar Sector

Digitizing Jobs and Digitalizing Placements in Vocational Training Institutes to Transform & Grow Employment in Blue/Grey Collar Sector

In India, there are about 450 million blue-collar workers that work in various manufacturing sectors. They form the backbone of the company. Before covid, no company worked in the direction to skilled them. But when Covid hit the ground, and with the migration of skilled labours, the companies understood the importance of skilling them. It is because they work at the ground companies able to achieve the delivery deadlines.

The spread of Covid- 19 has caused many people to lose their job in the world and India. Among rising unemployment in both formal and informal sectors. Technology acted as an aid to promote remote work culture in the country. Application to very limited sectors promotes connectivity and collaboration between those sectors or industries.

What is blue-collar/grey collar job

The term Blue-collar was launched in 1920 for mining and construction workers, who were darker colour clothes. But today, it has changed to cover all manual labours who have hourly-based compensations.

With the launching of new ecommerce companies like food delivery services, product retailing platforms have created a surge in blue-collar jobs like delivery boys.
On the other hand, grey collar jobs employees’ elderly staff working beyond their retirement age. As these people have extreme work experience, they have great knowledge in their domain and have all the necessary licenses and certificates. They are highly trained and are usually expensive to hire.

As post covid companies cannot find skilled workers, the demand for grey-collar jobs has increased as they are the best substitute for white- and blue-collar job people.

How it is different from each other

There are various factors through which one can differentiate between various collar jobs.

Education – white-collar job people typically require higher education or some professional degrees like bachelor’s or Master’s degrees. In contrast, a blue-collar person has done vocational training or apprenticeship to begin their career. A higher-paid blue-collar person may also have a certain certificate or technical skill. A grey-collar person has more experience than white and blue-collar as they are working after retirement.

Work setting – this means the nature of the job that one needs to perform at its workplace. A white-collar person has a neat and clean job, usually sitting in an air-conditioned office or office performing their job on a computer without any physical activity. On the other hand, blue-collar people are the backbone of any industry. They work on the floor like a delivery boy, warehouse management, etc., while a grey-collar job is between white-collar and blue-collar.

Roles and responsibilities – A white-collar person, generally perform duties in a clerical position, whereas a blue-collar person is labour that needs to operate machinery, vehicle, or equipment. A blue-collar job requires a more skilled and expertized person. A grey collar job is often in a high position like top management or supervisor etc.

What is the pay scale of blue/grey collar job?

Usually, white-collar job pay is more when compared to a blue-collar person and is less than a grey-collar job, but it varies from situation to situation.

For example, any job that requires a person with a high set of skills will have a higher pay scale than a white-collar job.

In India, the average salary for a white-collar job varies from 11000 to 23000 every month, whereas, for a blue-collar person, the figure of the gross pay scale is 167388, which equivalents to 80 rupees per hour.

How people get their dream job?

If you are looking for some lucrative career options, then you have to be focused and proactive. Today the world has changed a lot. People don’t need hard workers but require smart workers. One more thing that to be kept in mind that you should never get distorted at your failure.

You can opt for the following methods to hunt your dream job:

● Draw a job hunt strategy – Rome was not built in a day; this is the core mantra for a dream job hunt. You will have to take several steps to land your dream job finally. Do proper research about the job/sectors, find out networks, and indulge yourself in the process of making yourself ready for the job.
● Networking – this is a very important part of one’s career. The right referrals and recommendations always help you to land up in a better position. Maintain a healthy relationship with your boss and senior, attend various seminars and events, expand your social reach.
● Use Social Media – these days, and companies do not depend upon a single channel for recruiting. Rather they use multiple social media channels also. One of the most popular professional social media is LinkedIn. You can use this channel to get in touch with persons at your dream company who can help you land a job.

Why people are not getting their job easily.

If you find it hard to land up a job, you need to evaluate your application because as you may be lacking somewhere. Here are some popular reasons that may be stopping you from getting a dream job.
● You are not proactive – This means that you want your dream job, but you are not putting any effort into finding a lead for the job. If so, then you have to be proactive in your search. As explained earlier, develop strategies.
● Lack of passion – The majority of people do not like their job are you one of them, always apply for the job that excites you because one can learn and upgrade skill, but there is no mean from where one can develop passion it is natural and has to come from inside.
● Don’t sell yourself – There is a very fine line between confidence and being cocky. It would help if you always tried to be within that line.

Why choose us helps you in setting up your job portal and that in less than a minute. You can earn from every successfully placed candidate from your network. Network Apka Job Hamari is the core working mantra of the company. We are one of its kind company in India that helps people to launch their business like Delivery Boy, Call Center Jobs, Sales Executive Jobs, Healthcare jobs, Retail jobs, Beauty Jobs.

What makes us different and unique is

● Get your job portal free
● GazabJobs launch pad with our state-of-the-art learning center candidate can learn or upgrade their skills.
● GazabJobs wallet facilitates you to exceed all your transaction history and keep a record of your earning.
● GazabJobs magnify through this mechanism you will earn every time a person from your network gets placed with leading industries.


● Quick profile setup in just three steps.
● Our simple interface makes our website easy and convenient to navigate.
● Verification services so that your candidate does not have to wait long.
● Great payment options.

What is the digitalizing job?

Digitalizing job means creating more and more digital jobs. Before Covid -19, unemployment in India was rising, and it was worsened due to the impact of Covid. India being home to 700+ million internet user has utilized this situation in various digitalizing jobs. Further rise of cloud computing data science has strengthened remote workplace culture in the country.

Today from FMCG to supply chain logistics to steel plants, all are operating with work from Home concept with the help of technology. During this period, we have witnessed tremendous growth in the e-commerce sector. At this time, India has more than 1 lac registered e-commerce website that operates in 25% of different business niches.

Even local store, retailers, and the manufacturer have their digital presence, which has created more and more jobs in this digital world.

Benefits of digitalization job

● Increase in marketing ideas and sales boost up.
● Information accessibility
● Simple and hassle-free communication skills
● Quick and easy information sharing
● Opportunity for new jobs
● Higher competition between industry
● Improvement in the education system
● Collaborative culture creation.
● Remote access for employees
● Cost-effectiveness with better customer experience.
● Hire good talent and retain the old one


तपना तो पड़ेगा तुझे , सुकूं से निकल कर ,

जलना तो पड़ेगा , लपटों में ढल कर ।

फिर तेरे कदमों में जहां होगा, उड़ने को खुला आसमां होगा,

तबियत से फैलाना तू पंख तेरे, पहले उड़ना तो सीख हवाओं से लड़कर।

कांपेगी हर मुश्किल भी तुझ से, तू भिड़ना तो सीख,

हर जंग तेरी तू जीतेगा मगर , पहले लड़ना तो सीख ।

हर सूरमा पहले खुद से लड़ा था, पल पल मरा था और आग में जला था,

पहुंचने को उन बुलंदियों पर, हर पल वो कांटो पर चला था,

हुआ था वो लहूलुहान , पर धैर्य से बस चलता रहा था।

ज़रूरत क्या है।

राज तो कई है दबे सीने में मेरे , लेकिन है हर पिटारा खोलने की जरूरत क्या है

चंद मुस्काने बाट सकूं इतना ही काफी है, खमखा किसी के आंसू बहाने की जरूरत क्या है।

दास्ताने कई है लिखी इस ज़माने ने, हर कहानी सुनाने की जरूरत क्या है।

कमी किसी चीज की नही यहां , पर जख्मों को दिखाने की जरूरत क्या है।

दर्द हर किसी को मिला है थोड़ा थोड़ा, बेवजह किसी को रुलाने की जरूरत क्या है ।

ए बेचैनी

ए बेचैनी तेरी ज़रूरत तो नही , पर तेरा दीदार हर रोज मैं करता हूं

एक बूंद ऐसी गिरती है इस सागर में, और लहरों पे सवार मैं रहता हूं।

Disturbance in your pocket.

I decided to write something so took out my mobile phone . As usual checked Watsapp, Facebook , Instagram ,etc found an story on Facebook about current situation in Kabul , Afghanistan.

How the lives of the people has became hell , a lady pilot stoned to death just because being a lady she should not fly. There was couple of more stories about different topics .

After reading couple of tragic stories I searched for some funny videos just to relax my mind , there were plenty of those. It felt good after watching these videos . I kept my phone aside and closed my eyes and I was smiling as the videos were really funny.

Wait a minute, Why did I grabbed the phone ? To write or to watch those videos?

I had plenty of good thoughts before I picked up my mobile phone , I was focused on something, I wanted to write, but as soon as I picked up the phone my mind took me to the places which need not to be travelled, all my focus was lost and I was lost myself in that web of www.

Nowadays , this is the challenge. Just to avoid the distraction. This has become the most easily available and difficult to avoid distraction of all times.

Rather than becoming a boon , mobile phones has become a curse , Specially to the young ones who don’t know what they are handling.

Beware of your PHONE!!

बुलंद तेरा हौसला।।

तिनका तिनका जोड़ा तूने, बनाया एक घोंसला,

तेज तो है हवाएं , पर बुलंद तेरा हौसला,

उजड़ा हो घर तेरा आंधियो से, बिखरा हो हर पत्ता जो तेरा ,

फिक्र ना करना तू जरा, फैला पंख उड़ान लगा,

फिर जोड़ तेरा तिनका , फिर बना वो घर तेरा,

बुलंद था बुलंद है आज भी हौसला तेरा।।


How to Keep Children Happy during Covid times?
For many of us, COVID-19 has revolutionized the way we work. Some see the benefits of working remotely, but when kids go off to college or a library or museum closes, it can be difficult to take on both roles directly. What can moms and dads do? These questions come up often from two developmental psychologists who are trying to figure out how to teach and play with teens. Here are some simple ways to help foggers and caregivers of children under 10 keep their jobs and their sanity.
1. Children need routines
In daycare and school, children know what to expect. At home, the problems are less obvious. By dictating a rough daily schedule, children can get to business meetings and still find time to play. However, breakfast should be eaten in the morning and there is nothing wrong with getting a little extra sleep.
2. Do you put your child on the door net?
Disney+ is very appealing, but the evidence on the benefits and harms of screen time for young people is mixed. The younger the child, the more you need to limit screen time. Except for video chat shows, experts recommend no screen time before age two. To find the best option for children ages three and up, Common Sense Media is a good place to start.
3. Inspire your inner artist.
Younger children can draw and older children can watch a movie and see how the craft is made. What story does your child have to tell? She now has the opportunity to become the creator and illustrator of her guide. Does she have a favorite character from the TV show? Let her become a cartoonist. Taking a humanities course also allows you to develop your cognitive and social skills.
4. Get into music
Music is a real skill booster in all the basic control functions such as thinking, memory, and impulse control. Music is also linked to learning math. If you pour water into a bottle and blow it on it, it will make a sound. And every time you change the water level, the sound gets louder and louder. We try to combine science and music. Clap your hands in rhythm. Can your child maintain a gentle rhythm?
5. Why not walk around the neighborhood in your backyard?
Many wonderful things are lurking out there that you may not have noticed before. Plus, your kids will get a chance to breathe fresh air, get an education and connect with nature.
6. Performances
According to the analysis, the theater also contributes to the education of young people. Younger children can act out a lion, tiger, or bear. Older children can take something from the costume box (or from your closet) and make their gifts.
7. Explore the world.
Choose a topic that interests you and analyze it collectively online. Travel around the world using Google Avenue View. Explore science experiments on YouTube. Watch movies about animals in their natural habitat.
8. When schedules get tough, grandparents can pick up the slack.
In the age of FaceTime, this can be done by having grandparents draw, learn, sing or create puppet shows with their children. With advances in technology, teens and grandparents can travel almost anywhere in the world, to museums or symphony orchestras.
9. Informing kids – but in a simple way
“Communicating what’s going on to teens transparently and inexpensively is one of the easiest ways to help them understand,” says Rachel Busman, a medical psychologist at Small Minds Institute. Keep in mind, however, that kids don’t need to know everything.
For example, my two-year-old daughter Alice used to see her grandparents often, but now we keep our distance to keep everyone safe. When she asks, we talk. We haven’t had a chance to see Grandma and Grandpa this week, but we will soon!” We don’t talk. We have to stay away from Grandma and Grandpa or they might make us sick.
10. Interaction with children
Young children can also be anxious about daily changes, even if they don’t understand the details, and they may notice that others around them are feeling anxious and upset. Keep in regular contact with your teenager and ask about any concerns they may have.
Children who are more likely to throw tantrums than usual, who behave defiantly and uncontrollably, may be suffering from anxiety. Try to set aside quiet time to gently listen to their feelings and respond to their outbursts in a calm, consistent and soothing manner.
11. Calm down and get help
If there is a partner in the family, agree to discuss custody of the children with him or her. This is especially important if one or both of you work at home and have young children. This way, everyone can take a break and relax.
Everyone can and should be involved. Give the job to children of an appropriate age. For example, teenagers can help their younger siblings when their mother and father are at work. Most teens can help set the table, clean the common areas, wash the dishes or take out the trash. Even toddlers can learn to pick out their toys. Teamwork keeps the whole family busy and ensures that no one (the mother) is overwhelmed.
Remember, it’s no cost and you can do it yourself. We all want to be better parents, but the best of us are usually the ones who insist on “going for it” when their child wants to spend more time on the iPad. As I write this, my daughter is watching Elmo’s World. She is probably drawing on the wall.
For families trying to combine college and work, the house is often crowded. With a little ingenuity and flexibility, moms, dads, and grandparents can enrich this volatile time. Looking ahead, I would say that everyone’s academic potential is revealed in tough times.


Title – Buy certified Organic Kratom Online in the USA

Who wouldn’t want to be satisfied and feel persuasive all day long? Buy Organic Kratom Online, an exceptionally potent drug choice with great quality.

The produce is tested by an independent laboratory for purity and concentration to ensure ingredients contain what they say on the packaging. Certified high quality without chemicals or fillers fair trade kratom from around the world, including red, white and green strains.

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Unfortunately, despair is gradually becoming a typical characteristic of Americans, the World Happiness Report notes, and substance may not be the only order. People are more and more looking to get alternates that can help them out to

What is Organic Kratom
kratom is a type of tree. The leaves are used as a sports medicine and as a medicine. Kratom has been restricted by some states in the United States due to welfare concerns.
Kratom use can also be dangerous. Kratom use has been linked to true outcomes including tube dreams, seizures, liver damage, withdrawal, and scrolling.

Organic Kratom Powder
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Organic Kratom Capsules
Our organic kratom capsules are ethically sourced, tested for purity, and GMP certified with the American Kratom Association. We offer a wide range of red, white and green vein kratom strains. The capsules are available in different packages with dosage uses.

How to buy certified organic kratom powder and Capsules

To buy organic kratom powder. (3-4 lines)
Make sure to look for the following points:
• 100% Laboratory tested that’s safe to use
• No added chemicals
• The strain you want
• Proper packaging

To buy the organic kratom capsules you have to be meticulous in the details of the stress you buy. It must be free from any additives, fillers or chemicals. Safe and secure payment methods should be used.

Buy Organic Kratom Online From Trusted Vendors

With everything available on the internet, selling different products has become a huge challenge when it comes to medicine. With illegal sellers and low prices, buying kratom has become very risky.

Tip – Before buying organic kratom from vendors, make sure you have researched properly about the ingredients present, ease of use, safety, cost, etc.

Add At Least 10 Kratom Vendors name only in USA

1. Purkratom – (Accepts Credit Cards)
2. KratomSpot – (For Bulk Kratom)
3. Organic Kratom USA – (The premium organic)
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5. Super Speciosa – (Great Variety)
6. Coastline Kratom – (Reliable)
7. Kraken Kratom – (Enhanced Extracts)
8. Kratom Crazy – (Pricing)
9. The Golden Monk (TGM) -(Overall it’s good)
10. Kats Botanicals – (Quality Powder)

Benefits of Kratom
The use of kratom has short-term benefits and they are:
1. Promotes social behavior
2. Increase physical energy
3. release anxiety
4. Get rid of depression
5. Helps to quit smoking

Side Effects of Kratom
The side effects of kratom use depend on the dose, use, and tolerability.
• Hostility
• Pain in muscles and bones
• Loss of appetite and weight loss
• Aggression
• jerky movements in the extremities
• Insomnia

Buying Kratom can be a bit tricky online as you have to compare
Cost, experience, etc. Kratom is an amazing product that millions of people use for their own benefit.
Choose the seller that suits you best. We hope this guide will give you a good starting point.


What is organic kratom?
Kratom is a tropical tree. The leaves and other parts have been used in traditional medicine for centuries. This is usually taken to relieve pain and other conditions.

People use kratom to treat symptoms such as depression or anxiety. It is also used to revitalize the body and mind.

What is organic kratom powder?
The powders are usually available in different dosages ranging from 25gm to 250gm. It is mainly recommended to start with a low dose and see the result. Before you start taking the medicine, you should consult your health advisor.

What are organic kratom capsules?
You can buy the organic Kratom in the form of a capsule. The capsule dose depends on the combination of the ingredients.It is advised to start from the minimum dose, so that you can see the results.
Is Kratom Legal in the USA?
Laws in America change frequently, and many states and cities have laws that make kratom illegal.
Can you smoke organic kratom?
You can definitely do that. It is one of the traditional methods that dates back many years.

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When I was young, I loved to write about anything in my leisure time. My mother was always with me. She supports my desires so that I can be a writer in every possible way. On the other hand, she always encourages me to write at the beginning. It will make me feel happy all time.

My passion is not only writing for teenagers but also children in every aspect. Writing should be the best way to express profound affection and emotion towards your loved ones, friends, and parents. You can execute your goal through creative writing. Even, it has given me a great platform where I can share my views regarding several subjects. Through this platform, I have got many people who have a similar interest in this matter like me. In other words, I wanted to showcase my writing skill through different writing platforms like Facebook, Linked In, and Instagram.
I can easily say that my mother is my inspiration in my life and she motivates me to write regarding various topics so that I can be a professional writer in nature. I try to give my level best so that readers like my write-up and style.

After marriage, I turned my passion into my profession. When I became a mother, I loved to spend my time with my kid to keep active myself. In the digital era, I have to start writing like before. I have started sharing my thoughts with people who wish to amplify modern writing skills. I have received much appreciation from my seniors as well as my well-wishers are my regular readers in my blog. I have been almost four years in this respective field.
I have written on various niches like travel, digital marketing, government portal, fashion, education, web design, health, lifestyle, cryptocurrency, adult, anime series, product description, press release, and website content. Off late; I am writing on the rural children life who cannot afford a good school and can’t because they do have not enough money to pursue their dreams due to financial problems. Most of their parents engage themselves with small industries as labour. I can make sure that they will learn a new language if they read my articles till the end. They will get knowledge and idea from my article that will help them to achieve their goal.
They will reach heights through tireless hard work. When I write, try to focus on their development as well as their upliftment in society. Besides, I have attended many events and workshops on creative writing and meet with some expert writers. In addition to that, writing gives me positive energy and feeling. For that reason, I can move forward with my goal. I have to follow a new trend of writing so that I can represent myself as a good writer and hope, the young generation will like my style of writing to get valuable information for the future.