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Google Adsense approval

Yes, I got my Google AdSense approval today after almost 6 months. I am not pro at this I got it for the first time and this is the first website I build. I am just sharing my experience which may help newcomers to get the approval.


So, I started with in mid of May and it just my love for writing which encouraged me to make a website.

I researched a bit as I had no idea what WordPress is. I found GoDaddy quite simple as compared to other hosting providers and called there customer service centre, they explained everything very nicely, I could get 50 % of it in my head and decided to go ahead.

There were lots of offers out there, like 99/month with domain and all hosting support, I selected that one and started with the basic WordPress site. Go Daddy told me that I can manage the site with the help of plugins as I had no idea about coding and I still don’t have any clue about coding thing.

After my website started, I just kept writing about my college days and lots of other memories. But after 4-5 posts and some research, I found its possible to get Google AdSense approval and i checked some videos on youtube, it told me at least 20-25 posts least at least. And I kept writing.

Some pages like contact me, disclaimer, about me were needed so I made them and then applied for Adsense. But, rejected due to no or very less content reason.

Keep trying:

After I reached 30-40 posts I reapplied for the approval but reason was something I could not understand. I am not fulfilling there policy. I read their policy but could not get the reason for rejection, Google does not give you the specific reason directly you have to keep trying. So kept trying and kept writing and kept improving my website.

There were many great plugins there to help me out. I liked Elementor and jetpack most, it helped to make a good website easily without any coding knowledge. But one day suddenly Elementor crashed in some update. All the pages which I made using Elementor were changed to the basic form.

I never used Elementor again as I thought there is no point using a plugin which doubles my work after it crashes and I had no idea how to restore.

Again I kept writing, kept improving, kept researching and kept applying for Adsense. Google mentioned they don’t need SSL certificates so I didn’t go after it, I don’t have an SSL certificate.

Instead I kept looking at the sites which newly got Google AdSense Approval. One thing I noticed was the home page of all the websites was leading you to various other links and pages and it contains lots of things and posts.

Whereas, on my homepage just had various categories and it was not that great.

And suddenly one day my jetpack also crashed, not just crashed it led my website to crash as well. It was the best plugin as it helped me to use my website as a mobile app. Also, it was very convenient and easy to use WordPress with a jetpack.

But, I didn’t want these crashing plugins, Go Daddy team helped me to recover my website and then I deleted Jetpack I leaned to manage without it.

I improved my homepage again, Post Grid plugin helped me to do that. And I again applied for Google AdSense Approval with around 75 posts on my website.

After almost 15-20 failed attempts, they approved my website. I got my Google AdSense Approval just before completing 6 months of website age.

So this was all I experienced while getting the approval and I am still very new to this and yet to learn a lot about WordPress and Website, SEO, etc etc, I don’t even know many technical terms.

In short :

But to summarise I can tell you You need unique content, you don’t need an SSL certificate, I think home page plays an important role, also make all the necessary pages like a disclaimer, contact, about me, copyright message, etc, and you have to keep trying and be patient...

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