About me :

I am an Engineer! I was born to be one. All the incidences, decisions everything in my life directed me towards engineering. So yes one thing is true about me I am an engineer by choice. And believe me, most of them (The Engineers) however sophisticated, disciplined they look have spent a crazy, undisciplined, happiest days during there college life and especially the hostelers and I was one of them. All those days spent in college taught us a very important lesson about life…….. And its nothing but…. living. And again in this race of life we forgot to live, we forgot to enjoy and we slowly move away from things which makes us happy… So with many other things which makes me happy I am doing one more and it’s writing… So I welcome everyone who is reading this in my new writing journey…

That was few lines about me and your comments, feedback, likes, dislikes are always welcome…..

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