India is famous for big fat weddings. Even middle-class family spend a considerable amount on marriage. I was recently having
इक किताब ,इक कलम काफी है। कुछ लम्हे और तेरी याद काफी है। सुकुन है चंद बातो में, बस कुछ
Exams were on, and everyone was busy with studies and somewhat our favourite work , Gaming. Whatever the case maybe
लगता है तुझको की मैं घमंडी, तो मैं घमंडी , इश्क है हर चीज़ से मुझे हर इन्सान से इश्क
Everyone likes to party, it is said to relieve your stress. But, is it same for everyone?
Environment: Hey what's this environment day..? Humans: We made a day, to spread awareness to save you. E: Really, you
Soon-saan raste , aur tang hai galiya. Maidan hai veeran , kahan hai kilkariyan.. Khauff ka mahaul hai, dar raha
वक्त की चोट से हर दिल यहां दहल रहा , अपनो की चिताओं से ये देश मेरा जल रहा, कुप्रभंद
I must clear one thing at the start of this post, by word "Class" I just want to express the