Durga bhi tu aur kali bhi tu... Annapurna bhi tu aur Bhavani bhi tu... Jeevan bhi tune diya, aakhir bhi
A very happy and prosperous deepawali to everyone, many of us have managed to avoid crakers though there were lots
Har ghar ki jaan hai beti, humesha khile wo muskaan hai beti , maa ke dil ka tukda aur baba
Exams were on, and everyone was busy with studies and somewhat our favourite work , Gaming. Whatever the case maybe
Google Adsense approval Yes, I got my Google AdSense approval today after almost 6 months. I am not pro at
fake luxury
As I told, all incidences that took place in my life directed me towards engineering. One of which is choosing
जाल है इधर भी, जाल है उधर भी, फंसना है तूझे भी, फंसना है मुझे भी। कहीं पैसों का जाल,
बड़ा थकाती है और बहुत रूलाती है मंजिले, खून पसीना भी बड़ा बहाती है मंजिले , रास्ते कांटो से भरे
School days are the most memorable moments in everyone's life. So was mine. Friends, Cricket, Volleyball, first crush and what